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Board of Trustees

Chairman/Vice Chairpersons/Secretary

Dan Jackson                                  Chairman, President, North American Division                  Silver Spring, MD

Leslie N. Pollard                             Secretary, President, Oakwood University                         Huntsville, AL

Ron C. Smith                                  President, Southern Union Conference                              Decatur, GA

William L. Winston                         President, South Atlantic Conference                                  Atlanta, GA

Ralph Reid                                     Vice Chair, Layperson, Businessman                                  Kansas City, MO


Roger Bernard                               Interim President, Central States Conference                       Kansas City, KS

Larry Blackmer                               Vice President, Education, N. American Division                 Silver Spring, MD

Meki Bracken                                 Young Alumnus                                                                     Alexandria, VA

Alexander Bryant                           Secretary, North American Division                                      Silver Spring, MD

Virgil Childs                                   Director, Regional Affairs, Pacific Union Conference           Westlake Vill., CA

William Cox                                   President, Allegheny West Conference                                Columbus, OH

Laura Davis                                   Layperson, Orthodontist                                                       Atlanta, GA

Dana C. Edmond                          President, South Central Conference                                   Nashville, TN

Tom Evans                                    Treasurer, North American Divison                                      Silver Spring, MD

Henry Fordham                             President, Allegheny East Conference                                Pine Forge, PA

Stephen Foster                             Layperson, Journalist, Business Consultant                        Harvest, AL

Ricardo Graham                           President, Pacific Union Conference                                   Westlake Vill., CA

Stephen Gray                               Layperson, Physician                                                           Birmingham, AL

William Hicks                                Layperson, C-100 Representative                                       Huntsville, AL

Daniel Honoré                              President, Northeastern Conference                                   Jamaica, NY

Donald L. Jernigan                       President/CEO, Adventist Health System Sunbelt              Orlando, FL

Clifford Jones                               President, Lake Region Conference                                    Chicago, IL        

Zavon Kanion                               Layperson, Dentist                                                               Loch Lloyd, MO   

Alvin M. Kibble                             Vice President, North American Division                             Silver Spring, MD

Donald G. King                             President, Atlantic Union Conference                                 S. Lancaster, MA

Valerie Lee                                    Layperson, Educator                                                          Columbus, OH

Don Livesay                                  President, Lake Union Conference                                    Berrien Springs, MI

Alphonso McCarthy                      VP, Regional Affairs, North Pacific Union Conference       Richfield, WA

Hubert Morel                                 President, Southeastern Conference                                 Mt. Dora, FL

Cynthia Powell-Hicks                    President, National Alumni Association                             Anaheim, CA

Witford Reid                                  Layperson, Anesthesiologist                                              Sebring, FL

Sergio Romero                             Multicultural and Church Growth Dir. for Allegheny West  Columbus, OH

Calvin Watkins                              President, Southwest Region Conference                         Dallas, TX

David Weigley                              President, Columbia Union Conference                             Columbia, MD

David Williams                              Layperson, Educator and Sociology Researcher               Boston, MA

Ed Zinke                                       Retired, Theologian and Businessman                               Silver Spring, MD                                                                                                                                                  

Advisory Board                        

Carmela Monk Crawford              Editor, Message Magazine                                                  Hagerstown, MD

Jim Davidson                                Secretary, Southern Union Conference                              Decatur, GA

Theodore Brown                           Faculty, Oakwood University                                               Huntsville, AL

John Hill                                        Staff, Oakwood University                                                   Huntsville, AL

Lisa James                                    Faculty, Oakwood University                                               Huntsville, AL

Mark Johnson                               President, Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada         Oshawa, Ontario Canada

Kenneth Manders                          President, Bermuda Conference                                        Hamilton, Bermuda

Larry Moore                                   President, Southwestern Union Conference                       Burleson, TX

Randy Robinson                            Treasurer, Southern Union Conference                              Decatur, GA

Gary Thurber                                 President, Mid-America Union Conference                         Lincoln, NE

Max Torkelson, II                            President, North Pacific Union Conference                        Vancouver, WA

Emeritus Members

Lois Peters                                     Healthcare Entrepreneur                                                         Clarksville, MD

Benjamin Reaves                           Retired President, Oakwood University                                  Orlando, FL

Calvin B. Rock                               Retired Chair, Board of Trustees, and Pastor                          Las Vegas, NV

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