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Academic Documents on Command (A-DOC)

A-DOC is a complimentary service of Oakwood University. The purpose of Academic Documents on Command (A-DOC) is to provide the Oakwood University community of scholars, alumni, constituents and friends with a sampling of academic documents, articles and abstracts, most of which are written by current OC faculty and staff. Some of the documents are written by alumni or friends of Oakwood University. Selected documents, although not written by persons connected with Oakwood University, are shared because of their relevance. All A-DOC documents have academic and scholarly significance and deserve the interested reader’s attention. In most cases the comments and observations can be shared with the authors via the Webmaster. A-DOC may be downloaded and used only for not-for-profit purpose; and when appropriate, credit should be given. If desired for publication use or extensive quotation use, permission should be requested via the Webmaster. All DOCs are subject to change without notice. We hope you enjoy this service of Oakwood University. Thank you.

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