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e are excited that you are interested in a career in the Allied Health professions! Our faculty, staff, and students are committed to providing you with an excellent educational, personal, and spiritual experience.

We believe you are making the best decision to join us and we are happy to be a part of your career journey as we seek to develop compassionate, culturally sensitive, and Christian health care professionals. What are you waiting for? This is your department!

—Earl S. Henry, DrPH, MPH

Purpose and Goals of the Department of Allied Health
The Department of Allied Health provides quality Christian education that emphasizes faith and learning, service learning, critical thinking skills, cultural competence, and principles that can be applied to healthcare, family, and personal ethical behavior.

It is our purpose to provide undergraduate education for future Christian healthcare providers in the disciplines of clinical laboratory sciences, dietetics, human development and family studies, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, and speech language pathology. The department prepares graduates for licensure and/or entrance into graduate professional programs in health care and family services. This education will respond to current and future healthcare market demands for minority healthcare providers and family specialists.

The department also provides advising in such areas as pre-dentistry, pre-dental hygiene, pre-optometry, pre-medicine, pre-health information management, pre-pharmacy, pre-physical therapy assistant, pre-respiratory therapy, and pre-X-ray technology. Students must ensure that they will meet the minimum entrance requirements of their prospective professional schools.

Majors & Minors Offered

Child Development
Application for Admission
Students must have an overall minimum GPA according to the following majors: Clinical  Laboratory Science 2.5; Child Development and Family Studies 2.00; Pre-Physical Therapy 2.5; Pre-Occupational Therapy 2.5; Pre-Physician Assistant 2.5; and Pre-Speech Language Pathology 2.5.

What can you do with this degree?

Most of the growth that is occurring in health professions is happening in the allied health careers. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant and child-family development  are examples of allied health careers that are consistently on the Bureau of Labor Statistics list of highly desirable professions that will enjoy good salaries and job security due to their role in the health care system and because demand outstrips supply. Minority students are especially needed in the allied health professions, as Blacks are underrepresented in almost every health profession. However, good academic preparation is vital to success. Therefore, the Allied Health curriculum and advisement are designed to maximize academic success and support the University’s mission to assist in the development of Christian character. 
Career choices for graduates from this department include: child life specialist, clinical laboratory scientist, family life specialist, hospital administrator, occupational therapist, physical therapist, physician assistant, preschool director and teacher, and speech language pathologist.

Affirmation From Students/Alumni

allied alum“This department creates a nurturing academic environment where the student feels appreciated and communication between professor and student is always open.” —April Taylor ‘13

“This department is like a family.” —Kayla Berry ‘14

“This department has provided me with many great opportunities to achieve my career goals.” —Jocelyn Woodson ‘16

Upcoming Degrees/Certifications

 Physical Therapy Assistant Program
 B.S. LifeStyle Medicine 
 CCI - Various Online Certifications realted to HealthCare Profession

Exit Examination

All students are required to take an exit examination prior to graduation from all programs. Evaluation of conceptual skills, techniques of projects, and laboratory performances will be included in the examination. All students must pass the examination before graduation with 70 percent proficiency for child development and family studies majors, and 50 percent proficiency for all other majors.

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