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HealthOU was designed to promote the professional development of prehealth students at Oakwood University as they navigate the process of completing their undergraduate degree and entering into a variety of careers in the health profession.  Through adequate preparation, exposure and mentorship, Oakwood can continue to be one of the leading institutions that provide successful minority applicants to professional school. The site will serve as a networking tool for past and current students, and will also provide alumni with an opportunity to give back by sharing their experiences and serving as a source of motivation and inspiration for those who hope to follow in their footsteps.

Increasing Minority Admission to Research Institutions (IMARI) program is funded by NIH/RISE program. It is designed to increase the pool of competitive minority students electing to pursue advanced biomedical research careers. IMARI combines successful components and activities continued from previous grants as well as innovative components to better prepare a new cadre of young scientists for biomedical and behavioral research careers. IMARI will provide advising, mentoring, comprehensive training in research methods and techniques, followed by a summer of research at selected leading research institutions. APPLY NOW 

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