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Purpose and Goals of the Department of Business & Information Systems
The mission of the Department of Business & Information Systems is to provide students with a range of knowledge, skills, and problem-solving abilities to respond to the need for successful management of business firms, government organizations, and other not-for-profit organizations in a changing transnational environment.

As a graduate of the Department of Business & Information Systems, a student will be able to analyze business issues and make creative, innovative and sound recommendations.

Majors & Minors Offered

Accounting (B.S.)
Business Administration (B.B.A.)
   Emphasis in: Health Care Administration, Management, Marketing
Finance (B.S.)
Management Information Systems (B.S.)
Organizational Management (B.S.)
Management Information Systems
Application for Admission
To be admitted as a major in the Department of Business and Information Systems, students must have completed at least 30 hours of course work including EN 112 Freshman Composition, and have an overall minimum GPA of 2.00.
Any Business and Information Systems courses taken without prior satisfactory completion of all catalog prerequisite courses will not be counted toward fulfillment of graduation requirements.

Oakwood University, through its Business and Information Systems Department, is nationally accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs to offer the following business degrees: The Bachelor of Science (B.S.), with majors in Accounting, Finance,  Management Information Systems and Organizational Management; the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) with concentrations in Health Care Administration, Management, and Marketing.
Exit Examinations
All majors in the Business and Information Systems Department are required to successfully pass an exit examination, administered during the fall semester of the student’s senior year. There will be a charge of $35 for the exit exam.
Students who take the departmental exit exam (Fall Semester) and do not pass must enroll in BA 250 Business Review (Spring Semester). The ETS Exit Exam will be given as the final exam for BA 250. The exam will be at the expense of the department.
Every business major may choose to do an internship in his/her respective major area with the exception of Health Care majors who are required to do a practicum as an internship. Internships must have a minimum of 150 hours. All Internships MUST be applied for and approved by the department chair prior to deployment for internship. In order to receive credit/grade, students must register for the Internship in their respective discipline.
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