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Description of Courses

ED 130 Orientation to Teaching (W) 2 hours
An introductory course that includes an overview of the American school system and thepreparation and qualities essential for successful teaching in public and private schools.Students will engage in classroom observation and participation in public school classrooms.Prerequisite for admission to teacher education.
ED 200 Educational Psychology (W) 3 hours
A study of the nature of teaching and learning, which addresses the fundamentals involvedin the expected developmental progression of the learning process. The course focuseson ways in which psychological knowledge is applied to teaching at each domain (physical,social, emotional, and cognitive) as individual characteristics that influence instructionaldecisions. Additionally, it includes an investigation of theories of learning and motivation andtheir instructional applications in educational settings. Prerequisites: PY 101 or SO 101,and ED 130.
ED 240 Principles of Teaching P-12 2 hours
A course designed to give the prospective teacher an understanding of the principles andprocedures of teaching. Opportunity is provided for observing, assisting, and instructing inlaboratory classroom activities, including required experiences in a multigrade classroom.Prerequisite: ED130
ED 250 Fundamentals of Christian Education 2 hours
A study of the fundamental principles, concepts, and aims of Christian education. Prerequisite:EN 112.
ED 254 History, Philosophy, and Foundations of Education (W) 2 hours
A study of historical, philosophical, and sociological foundations of education. Specialemphasis will be placed on ways of addressing the challenges posed by the cultural diversityin American schools. Prerequisite: ED 130.
ED 275 Instructional Technology 3 hours
A course designed to provide the prospective teacher with a functional knowledge of thecomputer and how to infuse technology in the classroom. It also encompasses a variety ofcurrent technologies and media applications for specific instructional designs in curriculumdevelopment and classroom presentations as well as the evaluation, selection, and use oftechnological materials and equipment. Additionally, a working knowledge of programmingand software applications, such as word processing, spreadsheets, database, and PowerPointis included. Prerequisite: one unit of high school typing.
ED 300 Classroom Organization and Management 3 hours
Analysis and implementation of effective classroom organization in self-contained, nongradedand multigraded settings. Strategies for effective discipline, flexible grouping patterns, andhealthy classroom climate are investigated. Prerequisites: ED 130 and 240 and admissionto teacher education.
ED 311-318 Methods and Materials of Teaching: K-8
A series of courses in methods and materials used in teaching subject matter to elementarystudents. Emphasis is placed on technology infusion as well as planning and implementing unitactivities in simulated and field experiences. Prerequisites: ED 200 and 240 and admissionto teacher education.
ED 311 Methods in Teaching Science and Health: K-8 3 hours
ED 312 Methods in Teaching Music: K-8 3 hours
ED 313 Methods in Teaching Language Arts and Children’s Literature: K-8 3 hours
ED 315 Methods in Teaching Mathematics: K-8 3 hours
ED 316 Methods in Teaching Art: K-8 3 hours
ED 318 Methods in Teaching Social Studies and Bible: K-8 3 hours
ED 331-338 Methods and Materials of Teaching in the Secondary Schools
A series of courses in methods and materials used in teaching subject matter to students inthe high school and intermediate grades. Emphasis is placed on planning and implementingspecific learning activities in simulated and clinical settings. Prerequisite: ED 240, 300 andadmission to teacher education.
ED 331 Methods in Teaching Bible in the Secondary School 2 hours
ED 332 Methods in Teaching Language Arts in the Secondary School 3 hours
ED 333 Methods in Teaching Social Studies in the Secondary School 2 hours
ED 334 Methods in Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School 2 hours
ED 335 Methods in Teaching Science in the Secondary School 2 hours
ED 340 Methods in Teaching Secondary Reading 3 hours
A content area reading course designed to acquaint the pre-service teacher with reading andstudy strategies needed to address content assignments with understanding. Prerequisite:admission to teacher education.
ED 341 Foundations of Reading 3 hours
A course designed to examine the current trends and strategies used in teaching reading.Students are required to develop teacher -made materials and participate in teaching childrento read as part of the field practicum activities. Prerequisite: ED 240.
ED 342 Reading Diagnosis and Remediation 3 hours
This course investigates current practices, trends, techniques, and materials for diagnosisand remediation of reading difficulties. Prerequisite: ED 341.
ED 350 Introduction to Special Education (W) 3 hours
This course acquaints prospective teachers and professional workers with the characteristicsand problems of exceptional children and youth, including: the mentally retarded and advanced;the emotionally maladjusted; and those having visual, hearing, speech, or other physicalhandicaps. Prerequisite: ED 130
ED 370 Educational Tests and Measurements 3 hours
A course designed to provide functional knowledge of the meaning, use, and operation oftests and measurements in education. Use of measurement procedures in collecting data andapplying appropriate statistical procedures in interpreting the results is presented. The roleof evaluation in classroom instruction, the development of standardized tests, teacher-madetests, and other types of tests, as well as the grading system, are studied. Prerequisites: ED200 and ED 240.
ED 400 Praxis II 1 hour
This course will provide teacher candidates systematic and meaningful assistance in theirpreparation for the Praxis II examination.
ED 420/430/440 Internship (420-Elementary; 430-Secondary; 440-P-12) 11 hours
This course is offered each semester in cooperation with selected area schools. The studentteacher will be assigned to a cooperating teacher at the beginning of the semester and willbe expected to spend a minimum of 16 weeks full-time internship in the area school. Studentteachers are expected to provide their own transportation to their teaching centers and tofollow the school calendars where they are assigned. University transportation is provided fora fee. The course requires weekly attendance at the student teaching seminars. Applicationto student teaching should be made during the spring semester prior to the beginning of theacademic year in which student teaching is planned. Prerequisite: must pass the EnglishProficiency exam; senior standing.
ED 490 Research and Independent Study 1-3 hours
A major research project which contributes to the knowledge base of the field of education.The project is tailored to the student’s area of professional interest. Prerequisite: admissionto teacher education and permission of the department chair.
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