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o all potential English and Spanish majors: Your degree will open doors to many other careers, professions and opportunities. Development of critical thinking skills, critical reading skills and critical writing skills allow for graduates to market 
themselves in a number of arenas: law, medicine, education, business, publishing, creative arts, language studies, and a host of others. Join the family that can take you almost anywhere!

—Dr. Benson W. Prigg

Purpose and Goals of the Department of English and Foreign Languages
The Department of English and Foreign Languages’ purpose is to produce students with a Christ-like character who use the study of literature and languages to serve humanity by implementing a service- learning faith while carrying out the gospel commission in public and private spaces. The Department prepares students with a Seventh-day Adventist perspective to enter graduate school, educational field, judicial field or mission field.

The department provides a major segment of the liberal arts curriculum through its general education offerings in writing, literature, and foreign languages; and it provides remedial courses in reading, writing and English as a second language. Through general education and remedial course offerings, the department thus serves every student.

The English program is intended to meet the needs of students desiring a strong liberal arts background and/or superior writing skills for the job market, offering the traditional English major as  well as a major in professional writing. 

The Spanish language program with Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA), provides students with an opportunity to acquire knowledge of the geography, culture, and language of a particular country. The program meets prerequisites for graduate school, and bilingual students find unlimited opportunities for service in the corporate world.

Majors & Minors Offered


English (B.A.)
This degree is intended to meet the needs of students desiring a strong liberal arts background or of students planning to enter graduate or professional school.

English Language Arts Education (B.S.)
This program is accredited by the national Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). The program qualifies persons to teach secondary school English or language arts. After graduation, students may apply for Alabama Class B Certificate: English Language Arts, grades 7-12; and SDA Basic  Teaching Certificate: English Language Arts, grade 7-12. Refer to the Department of Education for the program outline.

English/Professional Writing (B.A.)
This degree is intended to meet the needs of students desiring a strong liberal arts background or of students planning to enter graduate or professional school.

Spanish (B.A.)
This program is based on a total immersion approach requiring students to study abroad for a year in either Spain or Argentina. Students enroll in an accredited Adventist institution where language is internalized. Students return to take additional upper division courses. Spanish majors are actively involved with the Oakwood University Spanish Club. The Spanish program is a manageable compliment to other disciplines.



Additional Minors (TBA):
Italian, French, German, Chinese

What can you do with this degree?
FOR-teachEnglish is an excellent degree for students desiring to enter general service areas of the business world where skills such as editing, grant proposal writing, and speech writing are always in high demand. Other opportunities include graduate school, law, library science, medicine, and teaching. Foreign language majors with their bilingual skills find unlimited opportunities for work and graduate school.

Students who major in the English and Foreign Languages Department can:

  • Be an English or Spanish teacher
  • Be a creative or technical writer
  • Pair it with continued education and become a lawyer
  • Work with an international company or government office
  • Be a translator

Application for Admission
Students wishing to major in English or Spanish should follow the college preparatory program in high school. Students should endeavor to read widely and learn to express themselves clearly and correctly in speech and in writing.

High School Preparation
Students wishing to major in English or Spanish should follow the college preparatory program in high school. Students should endeavor to read widely and learn to express themselves clearly and correctly in speech and in writing.

Exit Examinations
All majors in English and Spanish are required to take an exit examination during their senior year with a minimum 70 percent passing grade.


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