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Psychology (B.A. & B.S.)


Correctional Science

It is the purpose of the Department of Psychology to provide a liberal arts, undergraduate foundation with a basic understanding of the principles, facts, approaches, and methods in psychology. The goal of the department is to aid the student in (1) acquiring knowledge and developing skills for entry-level professional service, (2) preparing for entry into graduate programs, (3) receiving a Christian perspective of psychology, and (4) expanding an understanding of self and others with an appreciation of the origin and nature of individual differences from the psychological viewpoint.

High School Preparation
A strong academic background will be valuable for the potential psychology major, with emphasis on biology, computer skills, mathematics, and social sciences.

Application for Admission
Students seeking a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in the Department of Psychology will be admitted upon completion of the following admission criteria:

Submission of departmental application in the fall semester of student’s sophomore year. Applications must be obtained from and returned to the department.
A college GPA of at least 2.50. This GPA must be maintained until graduation.

Exit Examination
All majors in psychology are required to take an exit examination during their senior year with a minimum 70 percent passing grade. If a passing score is not achieved the first time, students may apply to take the exam again. All retakes must be approved by the Psychology department.

Career Opportunities
Human understanding and service constitute great needs among people today. Psychology graduates are entering a multiplicity of occupations including business, law, government, private practice or mental health agency employment, and education. The bachelor’s degree in psychology is a flexible and versatile way to prepare for a career in human services and diverse lines of work. Psychology graduates are upwardly mobile, but their advances are strongly correlated with training beyond the bachelor's degree.

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