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Description of Courses

SW 201 Introduction to Social Welfare 3 hours
An introductory study of the historical development of social welfare problems in the UnitedStates and the programs, practices, and policies designed to address them. The course alsointroduces students to global perspectives of welfare for marginalized populations includingthe black Diaspora and global development and role of human rights and social and economicjustice. The course will include the development of social work and the profession’s role asa change agent for social welfare policies in America and globally. Open to all non-majors.
SW 202 Introduction to Social Work 3 hours
An introduction to the historical development of the social work profession including its purpose,global context, professional social work values and ethics. The course will also explore thebreadth of social work practice and introduce students to the types of practice skills utilized bysocial workers. Students are introduced to the: department goals and competency expectationsof the program, and general expectation of social work majors. This class is used as thekey orientation course that introduces students to the department’s mission, curriculum, anddepartment disposition and scholarly expectations from students. Students are also requiredto successfully complete the department admission requirements as outlined in the AdmissionsHandbook to become an official social work major. Students are required to participate in a15 hour service learning project to familiarize themselves with social service agencies andhow volunteers and social workers function within these agencies. Prerequisite: SW 201.
SW 307 International Social Work 3 hours
This course focuses on most of the key economic, political, and social issues that shapehuman welfare, social development, and the role that social work plays in addressing theseissues in an international context. Open to nonmajors. Offered alternate years. Prerequisite:PY 101 or SO 101.
SW 330 Human Behavior and Social Environment I (W) 3 hours
The first component of a two-part series study of human development across the lifespan. Thecourse examines the variety of social systems that people encounter and how these encountersmay enhance or impede their health and well-being. The course explores a wide breadth ofdevelopmental theories including but not limited to bio-psycho-social-cultural-spiritual, racial,and identify formation as the context for individual, family, and group development from infancyto adolescence. Prerequisites: BI 101, PY 101, and SO 101.
SW 331 Human Behavior and Social Environment II (W) 3 hours
The second component of a two-part series study of human development across thelifespan. The course examines the variety of social systems that people encounter and thatmay enhance or impede their health and well-being. The course continues the explorationof developmental theories including but not limited to bio-psycho-social-cultural-spiritual,racial, and identify formation development theory as the context for individual, family, andgroup development from young adulthood to old age. Prerequisites: SW 330 or consentof instructor.
SW 334 Understanding Diversity and Oppression 3 hours
An analysis of the nature of oppression from a historical and social structural perspective. Thesocial and interpersonal contexts of oppression, identity formation issues, difference, racismand discrimination, and powerlessness among diverse groups will be explored. Implicationsfor social work practice on the micro, mezzo, and macro levels will be examined and analyzedfor effective intervention and contemporary analysis. Open to non-majors. Prerequisites: SW330 and SW 331.
SW 340 Modern Social Work Theories and Practice 3 hours
This foundational course provides students with opportunities to learn, examine, and assesssocial work theories that are implemented in practice. These theories are used as lenseswhen analyzing client interactions and help student understand how social work theory andpractice can inform one another in an integrated fashion. Prerequisites: SW 202 and SW330.
SW 350 Pre-field Orientation 1 hour
This course is designed to orient and prepare students for the senior field practicum experience.Students will learn about agency expectations and procedures, and complete the administrativedocumentation, agency and field preparation interviews, course work and a 50 hour internshipnecessary to enter their field agency. Students are required to do a criminal backgroundcheck and purchase liability insurance. Prerequisite: junior standing.
SW 380 Welfare Policies 3 hours
An introduction to the study of social welfare policy including its purpose and how policy isformulated and implemented, and its impact at the local, state, federal, and global levels. Thecourse will examine the link between welfare policy and social work practice with individuals,groups, families, and communities. The course will review relationships between social policies,human rights, and issues of social and economic justice. The course will also provide studentswith an opportunity for mock policy development, critical analysis, and a class trip to meetwith policy makers. Finally, this course will promote the development of the leadership skillsneeded to be proactive in the design and implementation of policies within various systems.Prerequisites: SW 201 and PS 120 or PS 211, HI 212.
SW 382 Human Sexuality 3 hours
This elective course will study and analyze selected areas of human sexuality from a Christianperspective. This course will equip students with a broader understanding of the personal,social, emotional, and physical nature of this complex and sensitive area. The course willalso provide insight concerning the spiritual and psychological components of sexuality. Thelatitude in human sexual behavior and sexual dysfunctions will also be discussed. Coursecurriculum is designed to enhance the courtship, marriage, and family experience. Course
includes societal sexuality issues that pertain to the Black diaspora. Students must havepermission of the instructor for this course. Open to nonmajors. Prerequisites: BI 101 andPY 101 or SO 101.
SW 400 Generalist Skills and Practice 3 hours
This course introduces students to the principles, activities, and skills used by social workersin direct practice. The course includes interviewing and relationship building skills and diverseclientele, and introduces students to the relationships between values, practice, and practiceskills. Students are required to complete role playing assignments that demonstrate theirmastery of the assigned topic area, demonstrate the ability to think critically, utilize ethicalprinciples in their decision making, possess sound judgment, and communicate plannedintervention in an effective professional manner. Students are also required to demonstrateleadership initiative by participation in classroom discussions and completion of interactiveassignments. This is a preparation course for senior-level practice experience. Prerequisites:SW 202, SW 331, and SW 340.
SW 420 Research in Social Work 3 hours
This course is designed to enable students to learn and develop critical thinking skills requiredin scientific inquiry. Students are expected to utilize principles of logic, scientific inquiry, socialwork ethics, and judgment to: distinguish and appraise problems; utilize scholarly literatureto understand and direct their study; devise and employ an appropriate research strategy;organize, evaluate, and integrate relevant research data; and develop relevant resolutionsto presented problems for the client systems being studied. The course curriculum includesan overview of the basic social research methodologies utilized within the social sciences.Students are required to complete research projects with systems of varying sizes. Studentswill also be better able to recognize the impact that diversity (i.e. race, culture, gender, etc.)has on the research process as well as identify the rationale for advancing human rightsand social economic justice within their practice, based on their own research observation.Prerequisites: PY 307 and PY 411.
SW 451 General Methods of Micro Social Work 3 hours
This course is the first in a series of practice courses. It is designed to introduce students tothe General Intervention Method (GIM) of social work practice small client systems. The coursewill focus on the theories, principles, and skills necessary to engage, assess, intervene, andevaluate clients for micro social work practice. Students are also required to demonstrateleadership initiative by participation in classroom discussions, completion of interactiveassignments, role-play, and simulation activities. Students officially begin the portfoliocollection process in this course in preparation for the senior year portfolio. Prerequisites:SW 331, SW 340, and SW 380, or consent of instructor.
SW 452 General Methods of Mezzo Social Work 3 hours
This course is the second in a series of practice courses and builds on the knowledge andskills acquired in SW 451. The course equips students with knowledge, values, and practiceskills necessary for effective intervention with families and groups from diverse backgrounds.Students will learn how to apply family and group behavior theories, the GIM, and social workvalues and ethics in order to engage, assess, intervene, and evaluate families and groups.The course values the direct practice experience for knowledge and skill development ofgeneralist social workers. Students are provided with several opportunities to develop theirpractice skills in group leadership dynamics, by facilitating: community-based projects that addresses a specific group issue; in-class group development and leadership scenarios andfamily intervention knowledge; and practice skills through the use of field-based assignments,role plays, case studies, and other classroom exercises. Prerequisite: SW 451
SW 453 General Methods of Macro Social Work 3 hours
This course is the third and final segment of a three-part series of practice courses. The courseutilizes the GIM, theories, principles, skills, and techniques necessary to engage, assess,intervene, and evaluate effectiveness in working with organizations and communities. Studentsare required to engage in a variety of macro level projects that are designed to demonstratetheir understanding of macro practice; exhibit leadership and competence in initiating positivechange at the macro level of practice using evidence based interventions; and demonstratehow their intervention can promote social and economic justice within diverse populationgroups. The course includes community needs assessment, program evaluation and grantwriting. Students will also engage in resource development skill activities. Prerequisite: SW452.
SW 454 Field Instruction and Seminar I 7 hours
The first of the two part field education course series. This is the department’s signaturepedagogy course that is designed to help students integrate into the professional role of being asocial work practitioner. The course allows students to connect social work theory, knowledge,values, and skills acquired throughout the social work curriculum with actual practice within anagency setting. Along with assigned coursework, students receive supervised field practicewithin an approved agency selected by the department. Students are expected to demonstrategrowth in their progress towards the achievement of the course competencies, which arebased on the program goals. Students are required to complete 225 field practicum hours.Students are required to have liability insurance for both SW 454 and SW 455. Prerequisites:SW 350, SW 400 and SW 451 (SW 420 and SW 454 must be taken concurrently).
SW 455 Field Instruction and Seminar II 6 hours
A continuation of SW 454, the department’s signature pedagogy course designed to aidstudents’ integration into the role of professional generalist practitioner. The course allowsstudents to connect social work theory, knowledge, values, and skills learned within theclassroom environment with actual practice within an agency setting. Students will continue toreceive assigned coursework designed to aid their understanding of the connection betweensocial work theories, knowledge, values and skills learned in the classroom and actual socialwork practice. Students will continue to receive supervised field practice within their approvedagency. Students are expected to demonstrate achievement of the course competencies,which are based on the departmental goals. Students are required to complete 225 fieldpracticum hours. Prerequisite: SW 454.
SW 480 Career Preparation 2 hours
This course is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge to prepare themfor a professional career in social work. Students are required to investigate and completeassignments designed to aid them in their transition to professional generalist practice andencourage graduate school entrance. The course incorporates strategies that will preparestudents for professional networking, job search skills, interviewing skills, social work licensure,employment skills, and preparation for graduate school. Students are required to developa professional track career plan and time line and a plan for pursuing life-long learning aswell as attend a professional etiquette interview. Students must also demonstrate how selfevaluationhas improved their behavior, appearance, and communication skills. The course includes a review of social work career options available in faith-based institutions and Afrocentricagencies. Students are required to complete the second segment of the professionalportfolio requirement for the Department’s exit examination process. Prerequisite: seniorstanding.
SW 490 Research and Independent Study 1-3 hours
A major research project or independent activity and course work that will contribute to theknowledge base of the field of social work. This course is offered under the direction of anadvisor. Prerequisite: Permission of the departmental chair.
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