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Application for Admission To be admitted as a major in the Department of Social Work, students must have:
  • Completed the Department admissions process;
  • Completed at least 30 hours of course work, including EN 112 Freshman Composition;
  • Completed SW 202 Introduction to Social Work, with a minimum grade of C;
  • An overall minimum GPA of 2.50;
  • Successfully completed a criminal background check
  • You must take EN 111 and EN112
  • You must take ONE of the following courses a. EN 201 World Lit., b. Survey of English Lit., c. EN 221 African American Lit., or d. EN 301 Survey of American Literature
  • You must take EN 304 Advanced Composition
  • You must take HI 211 American History I and HI 212 American History II or HI267 African American History I and HI268 African American History II (for transfer students HI 103 World Civilization may count as one of the required History courses)
  • You must take either of the following courses: PS 211 American Government, PS 120 Intro. to Political Science, or PS 200 Comparative Government
  • You must take the following courses:
    • General Education Courses   Credits
    • SO 101 - Intro. to Sociology   3
    • BI 101 & 102 – Life Science   3 each
    • RG 101 – Intro to the Bible or RG Elective    2 or 3
    • MA 101 – Fundamentals of Math   3
    • OU 101 – Freshmen Orientation   1
    • IT 120 – Software Tools &  Productivity   3
    • PE 211 – Health Principles   2
    • PY 101 – Principles of Psychology   3
    • ED 250 – Philosophy of Christian Education   2
    • RG 102 – Life & Teachings of Jesus   3
    • CO 201 – Fundamentals of Public Speaking   3
    • RG 202 – Fundamentals of SDA Beliefs   3
    • AR 217 – Art Appreciation or
    • MU 200 – Music Appreciation   3
    • PE – Three separate courses   1 credit each
    • RG 301 – Gift of Prophecy   3
    • Electives   6
  • If you successfully completed two years of foreign language in high school you do not have to take a foreign language.
  • If you did not successfully complete two years of a foreign language in high school you should begin with a 101 foreign language class.
  • Many students choose Spanish because of the growing Spanish speaking population but it is your choice.
  • OU requires 12 credit hours of natural science and math.
  • The Social Work Department requires BI 101 and BI 102
  • One college level math class (i.e. MA 101).
  • PY 307 substitutes for the Math requirement.
  • You must be eligible for college level math before entering the professional program.
  • You should complete your college-level math course before taking statistics, which you must complete before beginning your field placement.
  • The Social Work Department suggests that Social Work majors take one Social Work elective.
  • Social Work electives are as follows:
  • SW307 International Social Work
  • SW382 Human Sexuality
  • Some students choose to double major. If you choose to do so, discuss course selection and electives with your advisor in the division of your major.
  • Refer to the class schedule for electives offered in a given semester.
  • You must meet the University’s Scholastic Progress Standard. This standard specifies a minimum GPA-it varies with the number of credit hours you have achieved. Refer to the Bulletin.
  • You must take a Writing Exam (English Proficiency Exam) to demonstrate your proficiency.
  • Sign up to take the exam- It is offered three times a year only on certain dates- please contact the English Department.
  • You should take the exam towards the end of your Junior year or at least before the very end of your Senior year.
  • Your exam will be scored by the English department.
  • If you need improvement, you must receive tutoring at the Center for Academic Success before you retake the exam.
  • You must pass the writing exam for graduation purposes.
  • The priority deadline for application is set approximately five or six weeks into each Fall and Spring semester.  Please see the Social Work Department’s Admission Faculty specialist for details.
  • Missing the deadline may delay your admission into the program for a semester or a 1 year.
  • Faculty need time to review all the applications and to make decisions (few faculty are available for such tasks during the summer).
    For further information regarding our Social Work program, please see the school bulletin.
    Faculty advisors are appointed according to the last name’s of each student. Transfer students and seniors are advised by the Department Chair.
    • A-G              Helen Fischle
    • H-O              Octavio Ramirez
    • P-Z               Lorraine Frye
    • Seniors        George Ashley