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At Oakwood University, not only are students a part of history in the making, but they continue the grand legacy of those who have changed history. Since its birth in 1896, Oakwood has proved itself to be a major force in academic studies and performing arts by setting the standard for Christ-centered higher education.

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School of Arts & Sciences

Dean: Cherryl A. Galley, Ph.D.

Purpose Statement
The School of Arts and Sciences supports the mission of Oakwood University through its commitment to create an academic environment where faculty teaching, scholarship and service enhance the academic, spiritual, social and physical development of its students. The school seeks to equip all students with the skills necessary for success in a rapidly evolving environment: critical thinking, effective oral and written communication, research, and computer competency.

QR Arts and Sciences

Juliet Bailey-Penrod, Interim Chair
Kenneth LaiHing, Chair
Rennae Elliott, Chair
Benson Prigg, Chair
Lisa James, Chair
Wayne Bucknor, Chair
Martin C. Hodnett, Chair
School of Business and Adult & Continuing Education

Dean: Hyacinth Burton, M.S.

Purpose Statement
The School of Business and Adult and Continuing Education is made up of the department of Business and Information Systems and Adult and Continuing Education. Its purpose is to provide traditional students and adult learners with a quality Christian education, enabling them to meet the challenges of the global competitive market.

QR Business and Adult and Continuing Education

Hyacinth Burton, Chair
School of Education & Social Sciences

Dean: James Mbyirukira, Ph.D.

Purpose Statement:
The purpose of the School of Education and Social Sciences is to provide quality Christian education that challenges each student to set higher expectations for his/her intellectual and professional growth and to help each student to expand his/her understanding of society and human behavior.

QR Education and Social Sciences

James Mbyirukira, Chair
Samuel London, Chair
Octavio Ramirez, Chair
School of Nursing & Health Professions

Dean: Karen Benn-Marshall, Ed.D.

Purpose Statement
The School of Nursing and Health Professions provides Christ-centered education for future healthcare professionals that promotes excellence in character, achievement of professional goals, leadership and service to a multicultural community.

QR Nursing and Health Professions

Earl Henry, Chair 
Joycelyn Peterson, Chair 
Howard Shaw, Chair
A. Yolanda Smith, Chair
School of Religion

Dean: Dedrick Blue

Purpose Statement
The purpose of the School of Religion is to deliver Christ-centered theological education to students in preparation for service to God, church, and humanity.

QR Religion

Finbar Benjamin, Chair
Graduate Program
Trevor Fraser, Coordinator
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