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Ellen G. White Estate Resources

Research Room

Includes:Complete collection of Ellen White’s published writings;
published books about Ellen White and other Seventh-day Adventist pioneers
(E.g. biographical studies); Seventh-day Adventist histories; selected past SDA
Yearbooks; SDA Bible Commentary set.
Computer Center
Includes:Ellen White research software - (1) EGW Complete Published Writings CD-ROM;
(2) Legacy of Light, interactive CD-ROM
Microfiche Collection
Includes: Adventist periodicals from 1849; early pamphlets; General Conference Bulletins; index to periodicals.
Microfilm Collection
Includes: Correspondence from Adventist contemporaries of Ellen White (1840-1915).
Copy Center and Printers
Includes: Xerox copy machine for duplication of materials; computer printer for making hard copies of computer search results.


Ellen White’s Unpublished Writings
Includes: Duplicates of original letters (1845-1915); duplicates of original manuscripts (1844-1915).
Question and Answer File
Includes: Collection of letters written from past White Estate personnel to answer specific questions that were submitted regarding Ellen White and her writings; subject index for easy retrieval.
Useful for: Initial step in research or quick references to answer specific question(s).
Document File
Includes: Collection of research papers, notes, articles, and compilations regarding specific topics in Ellen White’s writing (e. g. “The Huntsville School”).
Useful for: Initial step in research; review of scholarly work already completed on topic.
Shelf Documents
Includes: Official White Estate statements on particular issues available for purchase.

Morning Star Room

Library (continued)
Includes: Complete collection of Ellen White’s published writings and study tables for research.

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