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FSAR Frequently Asked Questions

New Student Orientation
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is New Student Orientation?
New Student Orientation is a program designed to facilitate students' transition to college in general and Oakwood University specifically. It is a program focused on providing new students with the skills and information needed to successfully soar into college life.
2. When will New Students Orientation begin?
New Student Orientation will take place August 13-19, 2014?
3. When should I arrive on campus?
Move in Day is August 13, 2014. The residence halls will be prepared to receive you from 8:00am -5:30pm.
4. Where will New Student Orientation take place?
New Student Orientation will kick off with an official welcome, 7:30 pm, Wednesday evening at the Oakwood University Church. Please note that there will be a rehearsal for the Consecration service on Friday evening immediately after this service.
5. Who is expected to attend New Student Orientation?
All new first year students (freshmen) and transfer students are expected to attend New Student Orientation.
6. What is the benefit of participating in New Student Orientation?
Students who participate in New Student Orientation will:
-Meet fellow members of the 2018 Oakwood class
-Begin building lifelong friendships
-Meet and interact with key University personnel
-Become familiar with the campus and community
-Interface with Student Leaders
-"Meet and Greet" departmental faculty
-Get the inside scoop on the Oakwood Experience
-Become familiar with the policies and procedures of the University
7. What happens if I miss New Student Orientation?
New Student Orientation is an important milestone in the life of a new college student. During Orientation, time has been set aside to specifically address the academic, financial, and personal needs of our new student's. Missing this opportunity would be detrimental. We are aware, however, that even the best intentions can go awry. Students who do not attend orientation are encouraged to contact the Freshman Studies Office for an information packet once they arrive.
8. Is there a cost for New Student Orientation?
While the New Student Orientation is provided to you at no additional cost, the benefits of attending are priceless.
9. What should I bring to orientation?
The activities during New Student Orientation are varied and will include lectures, games, testing, meals, and spiritual programs. Therefore, plan your wardrobe accordingly. Please include a black and white (church attire) outfit for the Consecration service on Friday evening. Bear in mind that modesty is a core value of Oakwood University.
10. What is it like to live in Huntsville, AL?
Be prepared for hot and humid summers. The winters are generally cold and dry. We recommend you bring a winter coat or heavy jacket.
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