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Freshman Studies, Advising and Retention


Freshman Studies support students academic success and personal adjustment to University life. Academic Advising assists students in the development of meaningful educational plans consistent with their life goals.  

The Freshman Studies Program is a composite of diagnostic, instructional, and support services to first-year students.  These services include:

  • Freshman Advising
  • Orientation Week
  • Orientation Seminar
Through Freshman Advising, although the student declared interests in a specific discipline is acknowledged, first-year students are encouraged to concentrate on general education requirements for the purpose of academic exploration and continuing self-discovery. Freshman counselors/advisors, by means of extended interviews and performance reviews throughout the year, will assist in the process of confirming or modifying the personal interests and aspirations of each student.

Orientation Week at Oakwood University is an exciting time. It gives all new students an opportunity to arrive early and learn about their new surroundings before the influx of the returning students. It is a time of transitioning - taking off the old and   putting on the new. During this week, new students, both Freshmen and Transfer, learn what it means to become an “Oakwood Man” and an “Oakwood Woman”. All new students should plan to attend this once in a lifetime event in order to help secure their academic success.

The Freshman Seminar Course provides students with the necessary survival tools in order to be successful as they matriculate through their designated course of study. The elements of this course include developmental guidance and instruction regarding tasks, skills, and attitudes that are essential for academic success. This ultimately allows the student to make a smooth transition from high school to college. Finally, this offers an opportunity for the student to move effortlessly and effectively toward graduation, which impacts retention.


Oakwood University has established the Retention Advisory Council and the Retention Committee to deal with the issues of student persistence which focuses on the students’ desire to stay within the system of higher education from beginning through degree completion. The purpose of the Retention Advisory Council is to provide a degree of consistency, longevity and background knowledge as support to the Retention Committee. The Advisory Council also will give input to the Retention Committee in the development and implementation of plans, strategies, programs and activities that support, facilitate and otherwise optimize the retention of students at Oakwood University.

Oakwood University embraces service-learning as a teaching and learning strategy that brings to life our commitment to cultivate students’ capacities and identities as servant leaders modeled on the life of Christ in their pursuit of education, excellence, and eternity. Service-learning is an academically-grounded educational experience in which students partner reciprocally with faculty/staff and community members in service activities related to academic content that are both created by and beneficial to the community, the students, and everyone involved.
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