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Center for Academic Success

As an Academic Support department of the Academic Administration division, CAS is charged with the responsibility of positively impacting student retention. Academic excellence is achieved through student participation in an integrated educational process of student mentoring, retention services, math connection, Writing, and Reading Lab usage. For students with special needs, we offer professional and confidential Disability Services. Personalized and proactive academic counseling is offered in an environment that is both nurturing and accommodating.
Monitoring Students’ Academic Progress (MSAP)
Academic Probation Counselors serve as advisor/mentors for students who may be subject to the MSAP process. The Committee on Monitoring Students’ Academic Progress (MSAP), which consists of a consortium of university administrators, departmental chairs, faculty, and staff, ensures students’ conformance and compliance to the academic policies of the institution.
Wilson Miles
Ethel Griffin
Freshman Studies
The Freshman Studies Program is a composite of diagnostic, instructional, and supportive services to first-year students.  These services include Freshman Advising, Orientation Week and Orientation Seminar.
Through Freshman Advising, although their declared interests in specific disciplines will be acknowledged, first-year students will be encouraged to concentrate on general education requirements for the purpose of academic exploration and continuing self-discovery. Freshman advisors, by means of extended interviews and performance reviews throughout the year, will assist in the process of confirming or modifying the personal interests and aspirations of each student.
The Orientation Week is a time set aside for all New Students to be introduced to functions, policies and entities of the campus.  While the Orientation Seminar course is a general education requirement developed for the overall transition from high school to college.
Regina Jacob
Disabilities Support Services
The Office of Disability Services is committed to the principle of providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities by eliminating barriers and providing access to academic opportunities at Oakwood University
Writing Lab
Oakwood University's Writing Center offers all Oakwood students free one-to-one assistance with your writing. Our writing consultants will work with you on any piece of writing, from short papers, research papers and assignments, to employment applications and resumes. Conferences can focus on different aspects of writing: from grammar, word choice, and style to thesis development, consistency, and overall organization.
Writing Center conferences are interactive, and we expect you to actively involve yourself in conferences by asking questions and generating ideas for improving your writing. We do not edit or proofread your essays for you while you do other work; rather, we work on a writing draft with you. Our goal is to help you improve your writing skills, and this is possible only if you participate in the consultation.
Remember that writing is the primary basis upon which your work, your learning, and your intellect will be judged—in higher education, in the workplace, and in the community.  Also, writing is a critical skill for employment in the 21st century.
Elizabeth Wright 
Reading Lab
In this lab, students are equipped with techniques and strategies that promote scholastic improvements for their academic success now and after college. Students also increase their academic proficiency in diverse reading environments through the use of every day vocabulary, and by practicing reflective thinking and responding by reading widely diverse literature.
Skills offered:
-Speed reading with comprehension
-Spelling and Vocabulary building
-Note taking
-Time Management
-Organizational Management
Dorcas Lubega
Retention/Tutoring/Mentoring Services
Oakwood University provides programs and services designed to support students and promote academic achievement and progress towards graduation. Mentoring and tutoring in a variety of 20 different classes to help you succeed is also provided in the department of CAS.
Services offered:
-Student Advising
-Peer Tutoring Mentorship
-Electronic Early Alert Service
-Special Admittance
-PASSport Program
Theodore Gunn
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