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Pulling Together

From time to time, Accounting Office will be disseminating information about changes or reminders of processes or policies or any upcoming new processes or events. This will be a way where we all can “get on the same page.”

Coming Soon…

Paperless requisition system beginning July 1, 2011. Please make sure your department has a scanner to scan your attachments into your requisitions. Also, keep original receipts with your re-cords.

All checks will be mailed rather than distributed from Distribution beginning July 1, 2011. Travel (Campus Leaves), Advance checks or Contractors will be distributed at Distribution. Please make sure your vendor addresses are correct in the system for mailings. If the address is incorrect please secure and turn into Distribution a current W-9 so we could update our system.

Effective May 1, Advance Payments will no longer be made payable to employees or students; it must be made payable to a company or contractor. (Petty cash up to $200 would be an option)


For your requisition description add the following initial for these type of requests:

A. RI -# (Invoice Number) for Requisition with an Invoice attached
B. TRAV—Campus Leave or Reimbursement
C. ADV—Advance Payments to vendors who do not accept our Purchase Orders


Please complete your Fixed Assets Inventory by May 6.

May 31 will be the final day for Purchase Order requests and payments for unauthorized purchases. (Unauthorized Invoices or receipts dated after this date, May 31, will be denied)

Petty Cash receipts are to be returned within 24-hours. Travel and Advance Payment receipts are to be returned within 3-5 business days after trip or services/purchases.

Campus Leave form with your Vice President’s signature is required for any trip total amount that is below $1,000 or any partial payment of trip below 1,000. All staff or faculty compensation from OU should be processed through HR using a Personnel Requi-sition form. All student payments regardless of amount should be process through Office of Student Employment.

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