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Track Requisitions

  1. From your menu under (M) “You Have Mail”. With your mouse click on (M) you have mail or new mail.
  2. Hit enter to download your mailbox.
  3. Your mail will appear on the large black and white QVT/TERM log on screen.
  4. The left hand side is numbered: 1, 2, 3, etc.
  5. At the Question Mark (?) enter the number, ex. 1
  6. Hit enter.
  7. You will be able to read and trace your requisitions.
  8. The information given will include the date and time and who approved it. Upon completion of the approval process, your message will read “Approval Process Complete. Forward to ______________.”
  9. Your next message will turn your requisition number to a CK#, PO#, or PI#.
  10. After you have tracked your requisitions the deletion process is as follows:
  11. At the (?) type d1-10 – lowercase d, the number one (1), a dash (-) and the corresponding number of messages you are deleting.
  12. Hit enter. The (?) will appear again. You must type in (q) to quit.
  13. The screen will then return to your menu screen.
  14. If you delete all your messages the “You Have Mail” will no longer appear. It will appear again when you have mail.
  15. If you read all of your messages but you do not delete them, the “You Have Mail” will remain on your screen until you receive new mail. At that time the message will change to read “New Mail.”
  16. Following the above procedure will eliminate the need to call from department to department trying to trace your requisitions. Your department’s assigned requistioner is the only person that can trace a requisition.

Please do not call departments to check or track your requisitions. Only your assigned requistioner can trace and track your requisitions.

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