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Additional forms can be viewed by doing the following:

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  3. Look in the right column for additional HR Forms.
Employment Application
Filename Date
Child Care Worker - 2016 2016-10-18
Public Safety Officer - 2016 2016-09-06
Director of Institutional Effectiveness- 2016 2016-09-06
Asst - Assoc Professor of Pediatric Nursing - 2016 2016-08-31
Computer System Technician - 2016 2016-08-31
Director of Integrated Marketing and Public Relations - Marketing and PR 2016-08-30
Asst - Assoc Professor - Social Work 2016 2016-08-30
Asst -Assoc Professor -Accounting 2016 2016-07-27
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences - 2015 2016-07-27
Assistant-Associate Professor - Psychological Sciences 2015 2016-07-27
Assistant Professor - Nutrition and Dietetics - 2015 2016-07-27
Data Coordinator- Research _ Grants 2016 2016-07-27
Assistant-Associate Professor of Music Education - 2014 2016-07-27
Special Collections Librarian-Archivist - 2016 2016-07-27
Assistant-Associate Professor - Religion 2016 2016-07-27
Assistant Professor - English 2016 2016-07-27
Assistant Professor - Adult Health-Medical Surgical Nursing 2016-07-27
Asst -Assoc Professor - Finance 2016 2016-07-27
Computer and Statistics Analyst - LEAP 2016 2016-07-27
Assistant Professor - Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 2016 2016-07-27
Office Manager - Grant Writer-Manager- 2016 2016-07-27
Assistant-Associate Professor - Education 2016 2016-07-27
Asst -Assoc Professor of Composition - Music 2016 2016-07-27
Asst -Assoc Professor -Communication 2016 2016-07-27
Data Analyst - Education and Social Sciences 2016 2016-07-27
Assistant-Associate Professor - Mathematics - 2015 2016-07-27
Grants Specialist - Research & Grants 2016 2016-07-27

The purpose of the Oakwood University Handbooks are to help you understand the operation of the University relative to administrative staff and employees, and to present in a convenient form the major policies and practices as they relate to the employees of the University.

    HR Policies

    The Department of Human Resource strives to keep the policies on this web site current. From time-to-time policies are revised to keep pace with generally accepted business practices and to comply with changes in state or federal law.

    New Employees

    New employee orientation effectively integrates the new employee into your organization and assists with retention, motivation, job satisfaction, and quickly enabling each individual to become contributing members of the work team.

    Request for Leave/Vacation

    Following receipt of a leave request notice, the employee will be provided applicable notice, information and forms related to the leave, which must be returned to the Office of Human Resources.

    Vacation Request
    Campus Leave Request/Travel Expense Report
    Other Forms
    Forms designated as PDF require Adobe Acrobat Reader which may be downloaded for free.
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