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Network Services

Network Services
7000 Adventist Blvd.
Huntsville, AL 35896

Phone: (256) 726-7517
Fax: (256) 726-7171

Our goal for the Information Technology Networking Services department is to meet the network/internet needs of Oakwood University by providing fast and reliable internet access, along with responsive service and support.  We are continually looking for new ways to incorporate new technologies to improve your networking needs associated with instruction, research, and administration.
Information Technology currently offers up to 250Mbps bandwidth shared campus wide. We will continually update our networking equipment as needed, including our wireless infrastructure to help assist you with a more pleasant network experience.
Network Usage Policy
Appropriate Use
 Accounts are provided for academic research and instruction, electronic mail, Internet access, and for activities related to the mission of Oakwood University. Each account represents an allocation of a scarce computing resource and as such is monitored by Oakwood University administrators for appropriate use. Each account is assigned for the sole use of a single user. Sharing of accounts is prohibited. The user for whom the account was created is responsible for the security of the account and all actions associated with the use of the account. Accounts may be revoked if the account is found to have been used for activities that violate any portion of this policy, the owner of the account has been found violating any portion of this policy, or the owner of the account is no longer enrolled or employed by Oakwood University. Activation of an account on an Oakwood University Host computer constitutes an agreement stating that the user understands and will abide by all policies regarding the use of the Oakwood University network.
How to connect to Wireless Internet
Our wireless can be accessed using a verity of devices. Each device has slightly different instructions Use the instructions below to configure your device:
1) Connect using the "ou-guests"
2) Login using the guest password provided to you by the host of your group or party.
1) Connect using the "ou-wifi"
2) Look below to find the correct instructions for your operation system.
I need more help!
In order for IT to help you with your needs, we use a tracking system that allow us to be organized and keep you informed of our progress. This system is call Track-It!
To place a request into our system your resident hall dean or department head will help you submit your question or request.
Contact your Department Chair or Department Head so that your issue or question can be placed into the Track-It! system.
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