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Mail Services

The purpose of the post office is to provide an efficient mail delivery system that satisfies the needs of all customers and promotes the operational efficiency of the University.

General Information to parents & Guardians
To ensure that all mails sent reach their destination, please follow the following instructions:

When mailing letters to your sons & daughters, please follow the following format:

Your Son/Daughter's name
Dorm name & room number
Oakwood University
7000 Adventist Blvd
Huntsville, Al 35896

Do not use nicknames or other names that the Registrar's Office does not have on file.

When shipping food: do not ship/mail perishable foodstuff. Often cooked food, fruits, etc are received spoiled. Do not waste your time & money on mailing such items.

When sending money: send cashiers checks, money orders, or bank wire. Please do not send cash in the mail.

On next day delivery: do not send express or one day deliveries on Fridays. The post office is closed at 12:00 PM on Friday. All deliveries will be done on Mondays. Therefore send all rush deliveries before Friday.

When using your credit card: students buying merchandise using parents credit card often result in packages being shipped to Oakwood University with the parents name. The post office would not be able to locate such a student. So make sure the shipper uses the Oakwood resident's name.

We do not sell cash money orders
We do not insure personal packages, only for the departments
We do not provide C.O.D. services
We do not provide U.P.S. OUTGOING SERVICES.

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