"In His life and lessons Christ has given a perfect exemplification of the unselfish ministry which has its origin in God. God does not live for Himself. By creating the world, and by upholding all things, He is constantly ministering to others. 'He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust' (Matthew 5:45). This ideal of ministry the Father committed to His Son. Jesus was given to stand at the head of humanity, by His example to teach what it means to minister. His whole life was under a law of service. He served all, ministered to all.


a. Principle Focus (review)

Initiative--self-motivated effort demonstrating interest, applied intelligence, and commitment.

b. Scriptural Foundation (study)

1 Corinthians 2 illustrates how the apostle Paul demonstrated initiative by exercising a freedom and daring in preaching, teaching, and sharing that resulted in hundreds of Spirit-led outcomes that exponentially built up the body of Christ.

c. Behavior Outcomes (model)

  • I initiate my ministerial tasks and service in a manner that clearly exceeds duty or expectation.
  • Acting in a gracious and serving manner, I daily seek to act above human nature or inclination.

d. Personal Assessment (evaluate)

How satisfied am I with the development of this characteristic in my ministry? (Circle one.)

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e. Action Plan (implement)

What will I do to increase my effectiveness in this area? (Write your intentions.)


"Lord, awake in me both the desire creation and development of the needed initiatives in my ministry. Assist me in targeting and exercising initiatives that will exceed expectations and ministerial norms. Help me to perform exploits for greater service, advance the movement, and thereby build Your kingdom."