"Since His ascension Christ has carried forward His work on the earth by chosen ambassadors, through whom He speaks to the children of men and ministers to their needs. The great Head of the church superintends His work through the instrumentality of men ordained by God to act as His representatives."


a. Principle Focus (review)

Providence--an empowering sense of divine guidance and facilitation that results in noble deeds and a life of destiny.

b. Scriptural Foundation (study)

In good times or bad the psalmist, in Psalm 31, notes the fluctuating challenges of a believer's life while equally affirming his resolute confidence in the daily guidance, sustenance, and personal watch-care of God.

c. Behavior Outcomes (model)

  • I can do and move with confidence and assurance because I know that God is with me.
  • Neither censure nor applause will discourage or prevent me from doing right because I do as He leads and guides.

d. Personal Assessment (evaluate)

How satisfied am I with the development of this characteristic in my ministry? (Circle one.)

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e. Action Plan (implement)

What will I do to increase my effectiveness in this area? (Write your intentions.)


"Lord, one of the most powerful motivations I can have is to know that You are present and leading in my life. That assurance is enough to give me what I need to reach extraordinary heights of goodness, sacrifice, and service. I would have the kind of faith that undergirds such an empowering trust.