(Read, Explain, Ap
ply, Live)

"God's ministers are to learn Christ's method of laboring, that they may bring from the storehouse of His Word that which will supply the spiritual needs of those for whom they labor. Thus only can they fulfill their trust. The same Spirit that dwelt in Christ as He imparted the instruction He was constantly receiving is to be the source of their knowledge and the secret of their power in carrying on the Saviour's work in the world."


a. Principle Focus (review)

REAL--the basic approach to ministering can be summed up in this acrostic: Read the Bible; Explain the Bible to yourself and others; Apply the principles to life; Learn from it. Then live what you have discovered.

b. Scriptural Foundation (study)

In the last days we are reminded that people will give up the true faith. In response, God's ministers must not seek to change the teaching, but reemphasize Bible basics as brought out in 1 Timothy 4.

c. Behavior Outcomes (model)

  • I will be aware of the issues of my day so that I might effectively apply the Word to them. Only the Word can stand up to the bedazzling delusions of our day.
  • Without being overly polemical I will review the fundamentals and preach, teach, train, and spread the truth so that people might clearly understand their responsibility to God from the law to grace and from prophecy to stewardship.

d. Personal Assessment (evaluate)

How satisfied am I with the development of this characteristic in my ministry? (Circle one.)

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e. Action Plan (implement)

What will I do to increase my effectiveness in this area? (Write your intentions.)


"Lord, this is the time for those who believe to speak up. Help me to be bold and courageous, not timid and terrified. But as I do so, let the Holy Spirit give me the words to say, since I have previously stored them in my mind. I would be fluent on our Saviour, salvation, the Scriptures, the Second Coming, the Sabbath, stewardship, standards, the Spirit of Prophecy, the sanctuary, and the state of the dead. When I speak, let them sense the truthfulness of the words."