"The heart of the true minister is filled with an intense longing to save souls. Time and strength are spent, toilsome effort is not shunned; for others must hear the truths that brought to his own soul such gladness and peace and joy. The Spirit of Christ rests upon him. He watches for souls as one that must give an account. With his eyes fixed on the cross of Calvary, beholding the uplifted Saviour, relying on His grace, believing that He will be with him until the end, as his shield, his strength, his efficiency, he works for God. With invitations and pleadings, mingled with the assurances of God's love, he seeks to win souls to Jesus, and in heaven he is numbered among those who are 'called, and chosen, and faithful' (Revelation 17:14)."


a. Principle Focus (review)

Partnership--the state or condition of being a partner; participation; association; joint interest. The minister and the Christian worker have a unique opportunity to enter into a special relationship with Christ and the citizens of heaven in the work of saving souls--a divine-human cooperation here unlike any other.

b. Scriptural Foundation (study)

This partnership is possible only with the direct cooperation of Christ and the minister. No proxy. Only a clear voluntary agreement or covenant. In John 15 Christ articulates what is involved in this partnership. He identifies the Holy Spirit as His personal representative, and throughout history we see Christ, through the Holy Spirit and His believers (Revelation 2, 3 ), personally overseeing, guiding, and preserving His church. He assures us it will triumph. This has been the hope and comfort of ages.

c. Behavior Outcomes (model)

  • Without question, Christ and I have this partnership, and I know He works with and through me.
  • I will utilize this AME document and discover ways to draw even closer in this partnership.

d. Personal Assessment (evaluate)

How satisfied am I with the development of this characteristic in my ministry? (Circle one.)

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e. Action Plan (implement)

What will I do to increase my effectiveness in this area? (Write your intentions.)


"Lord, I end this study with the surety of being Your partner in ministry. Working with You is my highest honor. My prayer is that nothing will ever come between us and that we will grow closer. May there be no limit to the heights of ministerial excellence to which I can attain."