Psalm 31 [Clear Word]


1 I look to you, O Lord, for protection. May I never be put to shame. You are a God who is just. Save me by your own righteousness. 2 Listen to my plea. Come to my rescue. Be a rock of refuge for me, a strong fortress in whom I can hide. 3 Since you are my Rock and my Fortress, for your sake, lead and guide me as you have promised. 4 Keep me from falling into the trap Satan has set for me. Be my refuge and my strength. 5 Into your hands I commit my life and my spirit. Save me, O Lord, for you are the God of all truth. 6 I hate it when people cling to their useless idols. I have decided to cling to you. 7 I will rejoice in your love. You have seen my affliction and the anguish of my soul. 8 You have not let my enemies capture me but have let me return home, back to the spacious places of Israel. 9 Be merciful to me, O Lord. My eyes are tired from so much crying. I am completely exhausted. 10 My energy is gone because of grief, and my life is shortened because of pain. I am so weak from all my troubles that even my bones are wasting away. 11 My enemies are so numerous, my neighbors treat me with contempt; my friends shy away from me, pretending they don't know who I am. 12 Everyone acts as if I don't exist. They treat me like a broken piece of pottery. 13 I hear about the plans of my enemies, their conspiracy and their plots to have me killed. 14 But I'm putting my trust in you, O Lord. You will always be my God. 15 My times are in your hands. Deliver me from my enemies and from those who plot against me. 16 Look on your servant with kindness and save me because of your unfailing love. 17 I'm calling on you, Lord; don't let me be disgraced. Let the wicked be disgraced by their wickedness and be silent in their graves. 18 May their lying lips no longer move because they have spoken so arrogantly against the righteous. 19 How wonderful are the good things which you give to those who love you! People know how good you are to those who honor you and how you protect those who trust you. 20 You hide them by your presence from the plots of their enemies. You protect them from the accusations and insults of those who hate them. 21 Praise be to the Lord! His love is wonderful! He protected me and saved me when I was surrounded and attacked by my enemies. 22 I was afraid the Lord was no longer listening to me or hearing my cries for help, but He came to my rescue just when I needed Him. 23 Love the Lord, all you His people! The Lord preserves the faithful, but he allows the proud to reap the consequences of their wickedness. 24 So be courageous for the Lord and He will strengthen you; take heart, all of you who place your hope in Him.