Ephesian 1 [Clear Word]


1 This letter is from Paul, who was called by God to serve as an apostle of Jesus Christ. It's not only intended for believers at Ephesus, but for believers everywhere who, against all odds, are faithful to Christ. 2 May God's favor and peace be with you, as well as Christ's continual love. 3 We're thankful to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for all the spiritual benefits that come to us from the heavenly world because of the love of Christ. 4 In His heart, God had already sent His Son to come down and save us if we sinned, even before He created us. He wanted us to be a part of His family and stand before Him in love and without fault. 5 It was out of love that God planned for us to be with Him and be His children through Christ who was willing to be our Savior. 6 Let us praise God for His love and glorious grace which makes us acceptable because of His beloved Son. 7We have been redeemed by His blood and forgiven our sins, according to God's rich grace 8 which He has lavished upon us, giving us wisdom and understanding. 9 God has shared with His people His divine plan which He will bring to conclusion in His own time through Christ. 10 When the appropriate time came, He initiated His plan to eventually unite the whole universe as one family under the lordship of Christ, including all created beings in heaven and on earth. 11 Through Christ we will receive an inheritance, because we were all included in God's plan as candidates for salvation. 12 That's why we who were among the first to accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah should place our hope in Him and live for His glory. 13 You also placed your hope in Christ after hearing the true gospel of salvation, and God has put the seal of His Holy Spirit on you because of your faith in His Son. 14 The presence of the Holy Spirit is the guarantee of our inheritance until we take possession of it and give praise to God's glory. 15 When I hear of your confidence in Christ and how much you love and care for each other, 16 I can't stop giving thanks to God for you, speaking of you personally in my prayers. 17 Also, I pray that God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, will continue to give you wisdom and reveal more of Himself to you as the days go by. 18 Your understanding will increase as you see what God in Christ has done for you. Your hope in the future inheritance will grow brighter as you anticipate the rich glories He has in mind for His people. 19 We see the amazing and mighty power of God changing our lives and the lives of people everywhere. 20This same power enabled Christ to do what He did and then raise Himself from the dead to be seated on the right hand of God. 21 Christ is above all governments, rulers and powers. God has given Him a title higher than any title in this world or in the next. 22 God has not only put Christ in charge of the things of this world, but also in charge of the church. 23 The church is His body. It is the body of Christ, who fills it spiritually with His presence.