Psalm 57 [Clear Word]


1 Be merciful to me, O Lord; be merciful. I come to you for safety. Only when I am under your wings do I feel protected from the storms that rage around me. 2 I'm calling out to God, to the Most High God. He is the One who supplies my every need. 3 He is the One who will answer from heaven and save me from reproach. He will show me that He loves me and will strengthen my confidence in Him. 4 Sometimes I feel as if I'm surrounded by lions whose teeth are spears and whose tongues are double-sided swords. 5 Show me your greatness, O Lord. Let your glory be seen throughout the earth. 6 My enemies had spread a net to catch me. I was overcome with fear and stress. They dug a pit in my path but then fell into it themselves. 7 Thank you, Lord, for helping me. Once again, my confidence in you is steadfast. Again, my faith is fixed. I will sing praises to you and give you thanks. 8 I will wake up early. Come, harp and lyre; wake up! Let's get ready to welcome the morning by praising the Lord. 9 I will praise you, Lord, in the public forum. I will sing about you among the nations. 10 Your compassion and kindness is as big as the sky, and your faithfulness is as broad as the heavens. 11 May you be exalted above the heavens, O Lord, and may your glory fill the earth.