Proverbs 30 [Clear Word]


1 These are the words of Agur, son of Jakeh. These words were spoken to Ithiel, who wrote them to Ucal: 2 "Sometimes I think I'm more like a dumb animal than a man because I don't have the sense that a man should have. 3 I have not learned to be wise and I don't know God the way I should. 4 Who has been in heaven and come down to tell us about God? Who is so strong that he can hold the wind in his hands? Who can wrap the oceans around the earth like a piece of cloth? Who decided what size the earth should be and made it so? What is His name and the name of His Son? Can you point me to Someone who has done all this? Surely you know who it is! 5 Every word of God is sure. He is a shield to all who come to Him for protection. 6 Do not add to what He has said or claim He said something He did not say, or He will reprove you and you will be found to be a liar. 7 Oh, Lord, I ask two things of you before I die, and please do not deny them. 8 Keep me honest and help me not to lie. Deliver me from riches or poverty, but provide my necessities. 9 If I have too much, I won't realize my need of you. If I have too little, I might get desperate and steal, thus disgracing you and losing my own soul. 10 Never criticize a servant in front of his master. His master will curse you and you will have to pay for what you have said. 11 There are those who curse their own fathers and hate their own mothers. 12 There are those who are always pure in their own eyes without realizing how sinful they really are. 13 There are those who are so righteous in their own eyes, they look down their noses on others. 14 There are those whose teeth are like swords and whose jaws are set to take advantage of everyone they can, especially the poor and needy. 15 The leech has two daughters who never stop saying, 'Give me! Give me!' There are three things that are never satisfied and four things that never say, 'Stop! It's enough.' 16 These are: The grave, the barren womb, the arid desert and a fire burning out of control. 17 He who makes fun of his father and dishonors his mother deserves to have his eyes pecked out by ravens and his body eaten by vultures. 18 There are three things that amaze me and four things at which I marvel. 19 These are: The way an eagle soars, the way a snake glides across smooth rock, the way a huge ship is moved by the wind and the way a man falls in love with a woman. 20 A wife who is an adulteress comes home and sits down to eat as if nothing has happened. 21 There are three things that people won't tolerate and four things they can't stand. 22 These are: A servant who becomes the next king, a fool filled with food, 23 a hateful woman who gets married and a servant girl who works against her mistress. 24 Four things on earth are small, yet they are extremely wise. 25 These are: Ants, though they are so small, they are wise enough to store up their winter's food during the summer; 26 rock rabbits, though they are frail, they know enough to make their homes among the boulders; 27 swarms of locusts, though they have no leader, they move together in formation; 28 and lizards, though they are not the most welcome, yet you will find them living in palaces. 29 There are three things that are impressive when they walk and four things that have a stately bearing. 30 These are: A lion, which is mighty among beasts and afraid of nothing, 31 a strutting rooster in front of hens, a he-goat facing a challenger and a king surrounded by his troops. 32 If you've been fooled by bragging about yourself, put your hand over your mouth and be quiet. If you've been foolish enough to plan some kind of evil, stop and think before you act. 33 Just as surely as churning milk produces butter and hitting someone in the nose produces blood, so if you stir up hostility, you'll get yourself into trouble."