1 Timothy 4 [Clear Word]


1 The Holy Spirit has explicitly told us that in the last days, people will give up their faith and turn away from Christ. They will listen to deceiving spirits and end up following doctrines of demons. 2 Some will pretend to be loyal to the truth while teaching lies, and their consciences will be as insensitive to guilt as if they had been seared with a hot iron. 3 These people will forbid believers to ever marry or will command them to eat only certain foods if they want to be saved. They even forbid believers to eat that which God has created to be eaten with gratitude and thanksgiving, especially by those who are free from ceremonial rituals and who know the truth. 4 God has created all kinds of food. Nothing should be rejected which He has said we can eat, and we should do so with thanksgiving and praise. 5 These foods not only have the approval of the word of God, but will also be blessed by Him through our prayers. 6 When you share with people the things I just told you, remind them of my other instructions. If you do this, you will be a good minister, nourished by your faith in Christ and the doctrines which you have made your own. 7 Stay away from Jewish legends and pagan myths. Instead, focus all your energies on modeling your life after Christ. 8 Take time for physical exercise because this has value in keeping you fit and alert. Most of all, exercise your spiritual faculties because this not only gives you a happier life here, but also promises to give you eternal life in God's kingdom. 9 You've heard me say all this before, but it's still true. 10 We gladly work and suffer because we have set our faith and hope on the living God who wants everyone to be saved, especially those who already know Christ. 11 I urge you to teach and preach these things.

12 Don't let anyone tell you that you're too young to teach them anything. Just keep on being a pattern for the believers through your preaching, your conversations, your attitude, your care, your own pure life and most of all by your love of Christ. 13 Soon I expect to be released, so until I can come, continue your public reading of the Scriptures and your scheduled times for preaching and teaching. Keep encouraging and instructing the believers as you've been doing. 14 Don't neglect the spiritual gift and the responsibilities that were given to you through a prophetic message from God when the elders laid their hands on you at your ordination. 15 Think about your duties as a minister and put your gift to use so that your spiritual progress and commitment can be seen by everyone. 16 Watch yourself to make sure you continue to center our doctrines in Christ. As you do this, you'll not only save your own soul, but those who listen to you.