of Titles of Books Cited

AA Acts of the Apostles, The MB Thoughts from the Mount of Blessings
ASA Solemn Appeal, A MEHE Call to Evangelism and Health Education, A
AY Appeal to the Youth MH Ministry of Healing, The
CE Colporteur Evangelist, The MM Medical Ministry
C. Ed. Christian Education MYP Messages to Young People
C. Edit. Counsels to Writers and Editors NBL Notebook Leaflets
CET Christian Experience and Teachings of Ellen G. White PP Patriarchs and Prophets
CH Counsels on Health ad Instructions to Medical Missionary Workers PK Prophets and Kings
Ch. T. Christian Temperance R Redemption
CL Country Living SC Steps to Christ
COL Christ's Object Lessons SGI Spiritual Gifts, Vol. I
CS Counsels on Stewardship SGII Spiritual Gifts, Vol. II
C.S. (ChS) Christian Service (Instruction for Effective Christian Service) SG III Spiritual Gifts, Vol. III
C. Sch. Church Schools SG IV Spiritual Gifts, Vol. IV
CT Counsels to Teachers SL Sanctified Life, The
DA Desire of Ages, The So. W. Southern Work, The
DF Counsels on Diet and Foods ST Special Testimonies on Education
E Evangelism SSW Counsels on Sabbath School Work
Ed. Education Test. Ch. Testimonies for the Church

Vol. I-10 (Bond with SG IV)

EW Early Writings of Mrs. E. G. White 1T Testimonies for the Church, Vol. I
FE Fundamentals of Christian Education 2T Testimonies for the Church, Vol. II
GC Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan, The 3T Testimonies for the Church, Vol. III
GW I Gospel Workers 4T Testimonies for the Church, Vol. IV
GW II Gospel Workers

(1892 Edition)

5T Testimonies for the Church, Vol. V
H Health 6T Testimonies for the Church, Vol. VI
HH Your Home and Health 7T Testimonies for the Church, Vol. VII
HL Healthful Living, Instruction Relating to the Principles of 8T Testimonies for the Church, Vol. VIII
HS Historical Sketches 9T Testimonies for the Church, Vol. IX
LS Life Sketches of Ellen G. White TM Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers
LS II Life Sketches of James White and Ellen G. White TSS Testimonies on Sabbath School Work
LT Life Teachings WE (WESS) Words of Encouragement to Self-supporting Workers
MC Manual for Canvassers WEW Word of Encouragement to Workers in the Home Missionary Field