In the main, governing by force is taboo; but there may be times when for remedial purposes discipline must have in it some compulsion, but not the stern or brute variety.


1. Governing by force is unsound.

The mother should keep herself under perfect control, doing nothing that will arouse in the child a spirit of defiance. She is to give no loud-voiced commands. She will gain much by keeping the voice low and gentle. She is to deal with the child in a way that will draw him to Jesus. She is to realize that God is her helper; love, her power. If she is a wise Christian, she does not attempt to force the child to submit. 7T 48

2. Great harm may be done to the child by stern compulsion.

In the training of a child, there are times when the firm, matured will of the mother meets the unreasoning, undisciplined will of the child. At such times there is need of great wisdom on the part of the mother. By unwise management, by stern compulsion, great harm may be done the child. 7T 47

3. Governing by brute force is a sure way to ruin a family.

"If you wish to ruin your family, continue to govern by brute force, and you will surely succeed." 2T 260

4. Avoid giving children the idea that they must submit to control because it is the arbitrary will of the disciplinarian, or because the patent or teacher is strong while the child is weak, or because the one is in authority and the other obligated to recognize that authority.

Do not give them the impression that they must submit to control because it is your arbitrary will; because they are weak, and your are strong; because you are the father, they the children. 2T 260

5. Students who have grown to youth undisciplined at home would benefit by being removed from the home to a situation where they would be "placed under as severe regulations and drilling as soldiers I an army."

They should consider that some children have never been disciplined at home. Having always been indulged an never trained to obedience, it would be greatly for their advantage to be removed from their injudicious parents, and place under as severe regulations and drilling as soldiers in an army. 4T 429