Dismissing students from school, either temporarily or permanently, may be advisable at times, but only after other methods of discipline or adjustment have been tried. The good of both the student and the school should be taken into consideration. For the sake of other students, standards must be maintained even at the possible sacrifice of some individual who may be asked to withdraw.


1. Suspension from school as a means of discipline should only be used in cases of grave misdemeanor.

Be careful what you do in the line of suspending students. This is a solemn business. It should be a very grave fault which requires this discipline. FE 282

2. Before suspending a student one should give careful consideration to such factors as (a) where the student will stay during the period of suspension, (b) what he will be doing during the period, (c) the amount of precious time that may be wasted, (d) the possible low ebb of the student's morale and the danger that he may act unwisely while under the stress of remorse or resentment, and (e) the added expenses which the student may be forced to incur.

āThen there should be a careful consideration of all the circumstances connected with the caseāThe student enters into, or falls into, temptation, and he is to be disciplined for his wrong. He feels keenly that his record is marredāBut he is suspended for his foolish course of action. What will he do? Courage is at the lowest ebb, courage and even manliness are not cherished. He is on expense, and precious time is lost. FE 282

3. If students, after due counsel, refuse to respect just rules, if they are demoralizing other students, if they do not yield to the personal efforts, entreaties, and prayers of the teachers, then they should be suspended or expelled.

They have no respect of the rules of the school, an they demoralize all who associate with them. After the teachers have done all they can do to reform this class, after they have, by personal effort, by entreaties and prayer, endeavored to reach them, and they refuse all the efforts made in their behalf, and continue in their course of sin, then it will be necessary to separate them from the school, that others may not be contaminated by their evil influence. 4T 422 (They should be taught to respect just rules of authority. If they refuse to do this, let them be dismissed, whatever position they occupy, or they will demoralize others. MM 76, 77.)

4. Insubordinate students are better off at home than at school.

If they are insubordinate and will not be controlled, they are better off at home, they are better off without them. FE 54

5. An educational institution should not allow a few insubordinate students to lower its standards of conduct.

"Our College should not become depraved for the sake of a few lawless students." FE 54