Even though love and tenderness are advised in the training and governing of children and youth, no thought of allowing them to go uncontrolled is implied. There must be standards of conduct for those who live in a school society as training for life in the more extensive society outside of school.


1. "Order must be maintained." 4T 423

2. Laxness in discipline is to be condemned, and strict discipline maintained.

My Guide said: "Elevate the standard in all school education. You must set up no lower standard. Discipline must be maintained. Teach the youth by precept and example." There has not been too much strictness but too much laxness of action tolerated. TM 182

3. If sin or immorality becomes evident in the school, it should be condemned rather than allowed or even ignored.

"Work on patiently; but rebuke sin firmly, and give it no sanction." TM 182

4. Even little children must be disciplined, for discipline is a part of education, and early education determines to a large extent the character of the ultimate youth and adult.

"The early education of youth generally shapes their characters for life." FE 19

5. A child left to its own will have trouble later when he meets with trails and frustrations, for he will have the habit of acting from impulse.

It is impossible to depict the evil that results from leaving a child to its own willąThe child who has been spoiled has a heavy burden to carry throughout his life. In trail, in disappointment, in temptation, he will follow his undisciplined, misdirected will. CT 112