Section 1

Conversion and Spiritual Growth

The Ultimate Question

Discovering personal salvation through a relationship with Jesus Christ: "will I be saved or lost?"

Ellen White’s Concept of Righteousness by Faith

A compilation of key statements on the Christian life and righteousness by faith

Satan and Our Thoughts and Prayers

Ellen White on whether Satan can read our minds and thoughts

The Christian Worker’s Devotional Enrichment Plan

A year-long plan to read the entire Conflict of the Ages series

Section 2

Prophets, Predictions and the Spirit of Prophecy

The Myth of the Inflexible Prophet

An article explaining how Ellen White viewed, used, and related to her own writings

Ellen White’s Predictions

Predictions and fulfilments of the Christian experience and future events

"Tell Them There Is a Great Deal More to Sister White"

A refreshing view of Ellen White as a real person

Who Reads Ellen White?

A study that demonstrates the positive effects of regularly reading the Spirit of Prophecy

Stephen Smith and the Unread Testimony

A story that exemplifies the life-changing power found in the pages of spirit of Prophecy books

An Overview of the Life and Ministry of William Ellis Foy

A outline sketch of the major events and visions of William Foy

Section 3

How To Understand (and Use) the Spirit of Prophecy

How to Read, Understand and Use the Testimonies

Discovering the best way to receive the warning, reproofs, and counsel God has for you

Ellen White and Hermeneutics: Its Importance and Place

An in-depth examination of the tools needed to understand and apply the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy

Are We Guilty of Discrediting the Spirit Of Prophecy?

How some people who love the Spirit of Prophecy may be helping to undermine confidence in it.

Are the "Testimonies" Legalistic?

A study of how Spirit of Prophecy gems reveal the balance and beauty of Ellen White’s thinking

Section 4

God’s True Church and its Challenges

Can the Church Fail?

An analysis of Ellen White’s statements about the church and its leaders

The Triumph of the Remnant Church

A compilation of Ellen White’s statement on the future of the God’s last day church

A Conversation with the Editor (Adventist Review)

A frank assessment of the SDA Church by Bill Johnson, editor of the Adventist Review

An Appeal for Church Unity

A serious and in-depth study of unity in the church-what is it? why it is important?

Independent Ministries Articles

A look: what are they and how should we relate to them?

Should Adventists Join Some New Movement?

Ellen White speaks out on how believers should relate to new movements

Section 5:

Reform and Health Reform

The Spirit of Prophecy and the Cause of Reform

James White offers counsel on how to view and use Ellen White’s writing in fostering reform

Proper Use Of The Testimonies On Health Reform

Ellen White herself offers counsel (in 1881) on how to use the Testimonies to bring about health reform

Ellen G. White. And The S.D.A. "Health Message"

How does heath reform fit in with God’s divine priorities?

Health Reform and Adventists in the Nineteenth Century

An article describing how the health reform movement start in the SDA Church?

Preventive Religion

An article explaining how to bring about spiritual and physical balance

Introducing: The Eight Laws of Health

What are the eight laws of health and how do they relate to balanced Christian living?

God’s Physicians

A visual synopsis of the eight natural doctors for good health

The Laws of God

A visual comparison of the two universal laws of God

Section 6:

Selected Topics

What is Christian Education

The grandson of Ellen White presents Christian education from the Spirit of Prophecy

Ellen G. White and Time-Setting: A Warning

Counsel relative to the "when" of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Looking for the Coming of Jesus: Time-setting

A presentation on time-setting: Then and now

Living In The Blessed Hope

The Second Coming, hope, and time-setting

The Age of the Earth

A discussion on the age of the earth and the 6,000 year question

The Use of the Ellen White Writings in the SDA Pulpit

A study on how to best use the Spirit of Prophecy when preaching and teaching

Music-Its Role, Quality, and Influence

An in-depth compilation of the Spirit of Prophecy counsel on music

Adventists and the Environment

A call to Christians to be more sensitive to the stewardship of ecology

Recreation and Amusement

Guiding principles to help decide the best forms of recreation and amusement

Do Sports Belong In SDA Schools?

The history of sports in the Church and the counsel of the Spirit of Prophecy

YES-NO Interscholastic Sports And Competition

The pros and cons of sports in Adventist education is presented

Ellen White on Getting Along With People

A Bible and Spirit of Prophecy study on effective ways to deal with differences in others

Ellen White on Achieving Success

A Bible and Spirit of Prophecy study on the what, why, and how of success

Section 7:

How to Deal with Differences in the Church

How to Present Potentially Controversial Material to our Church Membership

Effective approaches for presenting the Spirit of Prophecy findings to others

The Peril Of Extreme Views

Counsel from Ellen White on sharing differing experiences and views

Making Views Known

A process for presenting differing views to the church