Electronic Journal of Adventist History

Fall 2004





Ivor Harry. "Planting an Adventist Community in Jamaica: The Early Years 1900-1910."

Ivor Harry is currently a doctoral student doing working on a Doctor of Divinity from the Inter-American Division Seminary. He also teaches in the Religion Department at Northern Carribean University in Mandeville, Jamaica.

Bernda Morelious. "How and Why Seventh-day Adventist got into the Health Business."

Brenda Morelious is a senior pre-med student at Oakwood College. She spent her Junior year in Argentina learning Spanish at the Adventist University.

Eunice Ruff. "Two Black Students a Building and the Oakwood Industrial School."

Eunice Ruff is an Elementary School teacher in Indiana. She graduated from Oakwood College with an Elementary Education major.

Ciro Sepulveda. "The Ongoing Rift Between the Prophet and the Leaders of the Seventh-day-Adventist Church: Ellen White and Her Struggle to be Apolitical."

Ciro Sepulveda is the Chair of the History Department at Oakwood College.