Electronic Journal of Adventist History

Fall 2005






Nicole Fleary. "Hansen Place: The Birth and Development of an Immigrant Church in Brooklyn New York."

Nicole Fleary teaches Spanish for the Northeastern Conference in New York City. She graduated from Oakwood College in 2004 and spent a year learning Spanish in Argentina before she began to teach in New York. Hansen Place is the the Church she grew up in Brooklyn.

Wayne Knowles. "Women and the Adventist Church in Antigua."

Waybe Knowles is doing graduate work in the Inter-American Theological Seminary. Unlike most seminaries the IATS has campuses in seven locations. Knowles is doing his work on the campus in Trinidad. He also works as a pastor in Antigua. He grew up in the Village of John Hughes and in the Church he chronicles in this paper.

Veronica Pierce. "White and Black Conference in Missouri: Will They Ever Get Along."

Veronica Pierce is an Education Mayor at Oakwood College. She gre up in Missouri and was unaware of the fact that there were White Adventist for much of her Childhood. This paper was produced in an effort to understand the church to which she belongs.

Epifanio Cajal Temich. 'Un pequeno grupo de misioneros extranjeros controlan la Union Mexican, 1947

This is our first attempt to publish a paper in Spanish. This paper, by Epifania Cajal Temich who is doing graduate work in the IATS in Montemorelos Mexico, chronicles how the Adventist Church in Mexico in the middle of the 20th century was controled by a small groups of forgeign missionaries. It also documents that the seeds were being planted, in those years, so that the Adventist Church in Mexico would be turned over in to Mexican leaders which would in turn lead the Church in Mexico to become one of the fastest growing sectors of the Adventis Church worldwide.