Electronic Journal of Adventist History

Fall 2006




Ubirajara de Farias Prestes Filho. Adventist Missionaries among the Karaja Natives of Brazil.

Nubirajara de Farias Prestes Filho teaches history at UNASP(Universidade Adventista de Sao Paulo). He just finished his Dissertation in Social History at the Universidade de Soa Paulo in Brazil, South America. He is interested in the role of native peoples in the history of the Adventist Church. The paper reflects some of his work on a native group in Southern Brazil.

Dantae Williams. A History of the Bermuda Conference

Dantae Williams is a graduate of Oakwood College. He is currently in Law School in England.

Reginal Anderson Exum. Serving AFrican Americans in Chicago 1891-1905.

Reginal Anderson Exum is a senior at Oakwood College. His paper looks at how the Chicago Missions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church ministered and identifies with African-Americans who lived in Chicago in the last days of the twentieth century.

Jonathan Smith. The Tale of Two Churches

Jonathan is a senior at Oakwood College. He worked for many years for American Airlines before he decided to return to school and do another degree in theology. His paper looks at the role of money and the evolution of the Adventist Church in South Africa.