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Fall 2007




Fall 2007

Norris Hollie. The Chicago Medical Missionary Trainin School

Norris Hollie is a senior at Oakwood College majoring in both pre-med and theology. His paper looks at the work that the Chicago Medical Missionary Training School accomplished as part of the work that the Seventh-day Adventist sponsored in Chicago at the end of the nineteeth century. Very little has been written about this work in Seventh-day Adventist historiography. This paper provides a good introduction to not only the work of the training school but also the people that worked at this institution.

Andy Manzano. The Medical Work in Trinidad.

Andy Manzano is currently doing graduate work at the Inter American Seventh-day Adventist Seminary. He is also a pastor in Trinidad and Tobago. His paper provides an excellent overview of the medical work of the Seventh-day Adventist in Trinidad.

Gaudencio Morgades Manel. Los Origines del Mensaje Adventist en Ginea Ecuatorial

Gaudencio Morgades Manel was born and grew up in Equatorial Ginea. He is currently doing graduate work in Montemorelos University in Mexico. His work traces the spread of Adventism in Equatorial Ginea, documenting the important roll that immigrants workers from neighboring countries, specially Nigeria, played in the birth of Adventism in one of the few Spanish Speaking regions in Africa.

Troy Levy. "The Power Behind the Explosive Growth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in South Africa ."

Troy Levy is a senior theology major at Oakwoo College. AFrica is the fastest growing region of the word in reference to the spread of Christianity. Troy puts forth a theory as to why the SDA Church has and continues to grow so quickly in the part of the world.


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