Fall 2011 Vol I Number I

New Faculty Joins Department


Dr. Samuel London has been hired by the Department for the Fall of 2011. London comes to Huntsville from Bridgeport Connecticute where he taught at Bridgeport University for several years. He is an American Historian with special interest in the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. His first book has been published by the University of Mississippi Press, entitled The Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Civil Rights Movement. He is originally from Texas and he got his Doctors of Philosophy from Perdue University in Indiana.

Dr. London accepted to be the Pre-Law advisor and is actively involved in the affairs of the Pre-Law Society. He has already given a talk on debating and has met people in the community who are presenting in our next Departmental Chapel. Students are happy with his teaching style and the Department is delighted to have him.

Wow! Awsome Score on LSAT

Eleven students took the LSAT in October 2011 from Oakwood. Seven of them were from our Department. The scores just came in. At least five of the scores were above the six of the scores were in the 150s and two were in the 160s. Since the national average is 151 and we know minorities students generally get lower scores on the test the Department is excedingly jubilant and content. We want to congradulate our Senoir and their success. I are all hoping that they will get into very good law schools.

Dr. Green will take a bus to Memphis


On October the 28 Dr. Alphonzo Greene Jr will take about 50 students to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN. All of the students in his course were invited to go on the field trip, however only the first fifty to sign up will be making the trip. Students get extra credit for their course if they attend. The Musuem is located in the place where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assasinated.


Former Students Gives Back

Erica Roberts, a graduate from our Department in 2005, who is now working in a Chigago law firm, was gracious enough to donated a substantial amount this past summer. The money she donated will be used to pay students who help lower division students prepare for the LSAT. We have discovered that those who help others generally do much better in the test when they take it. By having a little insentive to offere upper division students and encourage them to help their fellow classmates, increasing the skills of all of our students. Thank You Erica.