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1. Named for Eva Beatrice Dykes who graduated with a Ph.D. in 1921 from Radcliffe College, a school for females affiliated with Harvard University.

2. Eva B. Dykes Library building was dedicated on April 22, 1973. It was a Sunday morning during alumni weekend celebration.

3. Dr. Jannith Lewis was the Library Director for 49 out of her 50 years at Oakwood.

4. The Library was designed to house 150,000 volumes and to seat 400 patrons.

5. Mrs. Clara Peterson-Rock was appointed to serve as the first Archivist for Oakwood University in 1972.

6. A small television studio that produced media materials for sale and classroom use was housed on the lower level. Dr. Timothy McDonald was the first media director.

7. Mrs. Minneola Williams Dixon became Oakwood University’s second Archivist from 1977 to 2009. Her “Heritage Moments” can still be heard on WJOU.

8. The library was the first academic building to become “wireless” in 2005.

9. The library’s website is accessible from your mobile device.

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