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    The Oakwood Experience (Joy Notes I)
    JoyNotes1Get your copy today! Send a gift to a friend. Read and enjoy this unique book. Share the Oakwood experience NOW! Joy Notes, a book about the Oakwood Experience is a compilation of personal experiences from the Oakwood family and the first literary project of the Oakwood Literary Guild/American Christian Writers, Chapter 27.

    The book is divided into four chapters: The Scroll, The Tassel and Tassel Threads, The Keyboard and The Cup. Each writer of Joy Notes gives a glimpse into a heart moved by Oakwood University and defines the Oakwood experience!

    Oakwood Flashbacks (Joy Notes II)
    Joy Notes II,  “Flashbacks From the Least of These…” is a replay of actual childhood experiences that immortalize the earliest memories of Oakwoodites and reveal the earliest lessons that they have learned from the impact of their experiences. These flashbacks are individualized enough to stand on their own merits as sentinels, to remind JoyNotes2adults that children: remember early experiences –understand right from wrong – probe the minds of their parents and use various tactics to their own advantage. Therefore, it is most critical for adults to remember that these precious little ones are not dolls but real persons.

    Joy Notes II, “Flashbacks From the Least of These…” documents the fact that the minds of children are imprinted with the earliest experiences from their environment and these imprints impact their mode of operation forever. Surely, life and learning spreads beyond the experiences and memories of childhood, and stretches out before us to the last breath of our earthly journey.

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