ACS Catalysis

Editor-in-Chief: Christopher W. Jones
Georgia Institute of Technology
Web Edition ISSN: 2155-5435
ACS Catalysis is indexed/abstracted in CAS and Web of Science

Journal Scope


ACS Catalysis is dedicated to publishing original research on heterogeneous catalysis, homogeneous catalysis, and bio-catalysis. Application coverage includes life sciences, drug discovery & development, household products, polymer discovery & production, environmental protection and energy & fuels.


Specifically, the journal will include both experimental and theoretical research and reviews on molecules, macromolecules or materials that are catalytic in nature, that is, they exhibit catalytic turnover.


The journal seeks to acquire content in the areas of new reactions and new approaches to synthesis involving known catalysts, discovery of or modification of new catalysts, novel mechanistic and investigatory studies on catalysis, practical enhancements of known processes, and conceptual advances. ACS Catalysis accepts and publishes Letters, Articles, Perspectives, Reviews, and Viewpoints.


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