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    Natural Standard

    Natural Standard is an international research collaboration that aggregates and synthesizes data on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

    Departments of regulatory affairs, R&D, and marketing rely on our research libraries to make educated decisions on the products that they sell. Our expertise and services include, but are not limited to, custom reports and white papers for formula ingredient selection and claim substantiation, New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) background and safety data for FDA review/compliance, data for GRAS certification [self affirmation], EU Novel food certification, clinical trial protocol review and design, grant-writing and consulting services.

    Natural Standard uses the most up to date, comprehensive systematic review methodology available, in keeping with recent recommendations of the Institute of Medicine for systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines. Multiple rounds of blinded multidisciplinary peer review are employed, as well as fact-checking to assure the evidence-basis of each conclusion and accuracy of information.

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