Huntsville, AL-With this being severe weather awareness week many agencies, businesses and schools are using the opportunity to get storm ready.

The Oakwood University Alumni chapter is raising money to purchase and install an industrial size generator. It would provide power for the dorms and cafeteria so workers can cook food. Oakwood student Hawah Syeh is glad the school is taking steps to prepare for tornado season. "I think that's a good thing because we don't have to rely on outside help and we can still continue with school and everything" Syeh said.

On April 27th the campus generator was damaged so students were evacuated and classes were cancelled. Oakwood President Dr. Leslie Pollard says it will cost 300 thousand dollars to install a new generator that provides power for the entire campus. "Well for one we wouldn't be dependant upon the city power grid. Number two, Also in terms of health and safety we could light the dorms" Pollard said.

Oakwood is using social media like Twitter and Facebook to help raise the money.

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