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101 Oakwood University Graduate QuoteBook Series

101 Oakwood University Graduate QuoteBook Series

people_of_providence People of Providence (2010)
What is it about African Americans that gives them incredible resilience and talent? What is the secret of their passion, insight and love of life? A mere 25 generations ago the ancestors of modernday African Americans were in cruel chains of slavery. Yet today Blacks excel in every area of society, including the White House. In spite of the ravages of slavery, the setbacks of Reconstruction, the dark decades of Jim Crow and institutional racism, still they rise.
lives_with_impact Lives With Impact (2009)
This book takes note of people who are able to discern and implement the life journey principles. That journey consists of dreams, goals, self-discipline, service, accomplishments, happiness and planning for the eternal issues beyond the grave.
life_stories Life Stories (2008)
This first QuoteBook since Oakwood has become a university is full of practical insights that will motivate and encourage you as a life-long learner. We hope you enjoy it.

As we gathered and selected these stories, we kept in mind our vision statement that encapsulates the Oakwood mission: Oakwood University graduates are leaders in service to God and humanity. We challenge you wherever you go, always remember our Aim: Education, Excellence, Eternity and our Motto: Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve.
a_place_called_oakwood A Place Called Oakwood (2007 Special Edition)
This book is a collection of Ellen White’s rich and insightful counsel to the Oakwood Educational Institution from its inception in 1896 to the end of her life in 1915. For the first time all of the published and unpublished counsel of Ellen White to Oakwood College is gathered together in one volume.
the_universal_lesson_book The Universal Lesson Book (2006)
The principles contained in this QuoteBook are priceless! Why? Because this little volume is filled with the Word of God from start to finish. It is packed with wisdom, counsel, warnings, insight and understanding on how to live a life of service. If used, it will be an invaluable guide for life-long learning and growth.

We have searched from Genesis to Revelation and compiled golden Bible chapters for your ready reference, reading and renewal. Deciding which Bible chapters to use was difficult. However, we prayed, analyzed and then created this unique list. Admittedly, we didn’t quite make our goal of selecting only 101 chapters–when all was said and done, we selected 125 and an appendix full of valuable aids.
powerful_traits_for_christian_leaders Powerful Traits for Christian Leaders (2005)
This QuoteBook is the seventh in the annual QuoteBook Series for graduating seniors. This year the title is Powerful Traits for Christian Leaders. It covers the Fruit of the Spirit listed in Galatians, a subject which fits comfortably with the now popular field of Emotional Intelligence. If you have the Fruit of the Spirit, wherever you go, whatever you do, you will be a success. No law, policy, rule, or guideline can stop you because you are using heaven’s secrets for emotional intelligence!
healthy_habits Healthy Habits (2004)
This book follows the well known NEW START acrostic (Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest, Trust) with the inclusion of two additional sections on Emotional Intelligence and Skills for Life-thus the NEW START adapted acrostic. The ten sections and 101 principles are packed with vital information on health, wellness, and prevention.
the_help-yourself_list_book The Help-Yourself List Book (2003)
The Help-Yourself List Book consists of many lists that are helpful, informative, and entertaining. These lists were selected from varied sources and are designed to help you realize success and self-development Also take a moment to evaluate the benefits of these lists for your life by circling either fair, good, or great at the end of each list.
nasa_factbook NASA Factbook (2003)
This book of NASA facts–put together by two talented and diverse professionals who are keenly knowledgeable of the subject matter–will help to educate and enlighten readers as to the proud history and wonderful opportunities that are available in this important area.
the_coping_workbook The Coping Workbook (2002)
The special significance of this book is that the contributors are from the immediate and extended Oakwood College family. Senior students, USM officers, faculty, staff, local pastors, alumni officers, members of the Board of Trustees, and other selected persons related to Oakwood College all responded to the invitation to participate in this unique edition. Each entry reflects a selected Bible text, a quotation from the writings of Ellen G. White, and a general quotation (either originally penned or from another author) .
the_success_workbook The Success Workbook (2001)
The Success Workbook. It is designed to help you in your quest for success and lifelong learning. This book is similar to past ones in that it has a quotation and a Bible text. However, it is different in that all the quotes come from Black people, and we've added a word and definition for each of the 10 I-plus success principles. The additional resources are intended to be one more aid to a successful, focused life.
the_satisfaction_of_service_101_quotes The Satisfaction of Service (2000)
This special compilation of quotations focuses on the need for, and the joy of, service. This challenge is extended to the man or woman who has a love for people and for God. Special care has been invested that this compilation of quotations expresses diversity in terms of ethnicity, spirituality, gender, and professions. The beauty of these quotes is that you can digest bite-sized insights that will stimulate your thinking and motivate you on to more intense study.
Thoughts_for_the_journey Thoughts for the Journey (1999)
Thoughts for the Journey is an inspirational collection of quotes that can provide insight and wisdom for the life journey. If read and mediated upon, each quote and text will inspire, challenge, and motivate you to a closer relationship with Jesus and others. They will lead you to think on substantial ways to reach true and deeper levels of success and meaning in life.