Summer Bridge Enrichment Program

The goals of the Summer Enrichment Program include: 1) recruiting high school seniors to attend Oakwood University in STEM disciplines, 2) preparing the students for Calculus 1, and 3) preparing students for future academic success.

Program Description

The Summer Enrichment Program is a two-week program that allows high-school senior to experience: (i) Oakwood University, prior to their enrollment in the fall term, (ii) provide them with the necessary skills to enter into and successfully matriculate through Precalculus Algebra/Trigonometry and Calculus 1 and (iii) sharpen their critical thinking, comprehensive and study skills for future academic success. It is expected that each student who matriculates through the program will enroll ar Oakwood university in a STEM discipline, pass Precalculus Algebra/Trigonometry and Calculus 1 in his/her freshman year, conduct research or perform STEM rekated activities throughout each school year, conduct summer research and/or have a summer internship, graduate with a degree in a STEM discipline and pursue a graduate degree or enter the workforce in a STEM discipline.

Summer Bridge Program 2009 - General

The 2009 S.T.E.M.E.R. Summer Bridge Program

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