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The New Oakwood University Literary Guild of 2014

Eva B Dykes Library

Upon reviewing the past 30 years, we pause awhile to thank The Center for Academic Advancement (CAA) with the Department of English and Foreign Languages (formerly English and Communications), for the support and nurturance given to us in those years; also everyone else who during that time period contributed to the growth and development of the literary Guild. 2013 was the year that The Literary Guild relocated from under the auspices of the Department of English and Foreign Languages, but “as the eagle stirreth up her nest…” the Lord still leads. “(Deut 32:11,12)” Since, we have been offered a new home under the auspices of the Eva B. Dykes Library of Oakwood University, we gratefully accepted the offer. So, on Sunday, October 13, 2013 the Constituency of the Literary Guild unanimously voted to move from English and Foreign Languages Department to The Eva B. Dykes Library.  However, please note that,

- Monthly meetings will continue on the 2nd and 4th Sundays each month, and called meetings will be announced.

- Annual writing workshops will continue on the 1st weekend of December as usual.  Other writing workshops will be announced as the opportunities arise.

- Literary Guild Textbook Scholarship is still available, yet need-based, to any needy, OU fulltime student.

- The Literary Alcove, situated to the right of Eva B. Dykes Media Center is being redesigned to become student friendly.

- Community Service Learning that links this institution to designated areas of need, has taken on both a national (2 schools), and an international slant (2 schools). These schools have requested mentoring from OULG to initiate and maintain their own Literary Guilds after the pattern of Oakwood University Literary Guild.

To have more information on the Literary Guild, please find our website, as it is set up under that of the Eva B. Dykes Library.  Some of the topics provided for you are as follows:

      • ACW chapters of American Christian Writers. Organization
      • American Christian Writers’ magazine
      • Calendar of Literary Guild Events
      • Christian Writers Market, resource Guide
      • Current and updated OULG Constitution (2013-2014)
      • Guide To Literary Agents
      • Meet the Guild - members, officers, sponsors, and advisory committee
      • Reference Bookshelf of Writing Resource books: Children’s Writing, Greeting Cards, Short Stories, etc).
      • Sample, Literary Guild Brochure
      • Statement of Authority (2013)
      • Textbook Scholarship Information 

Housed in the OU Archives:

    • Historical OULG information 1986-present
    • Photos
    • Art and Expression Workshop
    • OULG Constitutions  (1999 – Present)

Our Guild now is comprised of:

      • A Consortium of Literary Affiliates (GOLA) (10 national/internation institutions)
      • OULG presidential league
      • OULG Alumni Chapter & the regular
      • OULG home chapter